Q&A: Preeya Kalidas Talks Eastenders, ‘Shimmy’ & New Album!

Brit-Asian caught up with the one and only Preeya Kalidas to talk about the big Eastenders Christmas storyline, the problems with her last single ‘Shimmy’ and what to look forward to from Ms P in 2012!

Tell us about getting back into Eastenders and 3 words to describe the Masood’s Christmas storyline? 

Working on the show is a lot of fun and I love playing Amira who has come back to stir things up in Albert Square. The Masood’s Christmas storyline will be dramatic, explosive & unexpected!

Tell us a day in life of Preeya when recording Eastenders?

Early morning drive to Elstree, I cant function without breakfast so that is a must, then costume and makeup which always ends up in full banter with other members of cast. Before we go on set we try to run our lines with each other as that is the only time we get a chance and then its full steam ahead with filming!

Who is you favourite character of all time? 

Dot Cotton, as I have watched her growing up and she is a memorable loveable character.

Why do you think the Masoods have been a great Asian family for the soap compared to the last couple of Asian families Eastenders have tried to push? 

I think its a combination of things as with any characters that join a soap, the chemistry has to be right between actors and the stories that are written need to be interesting.

You’re always looking great in the soap and in music videos; describe your sense of style? 

Fashion to me is about being comfortable. I have never followed fashion in the way that some do I like to create my own style by mixing high-end with high-street.

You are also releasing music at the same time; tell us about your latest track and the album?

“Its a problem” featuring Scorcher is a club track that I co-wrote which got played on radio and supported by some key DJ’s within the industry but for my album my music will be an amalgamation of my favourite musical genres with songs written that make you feel an array of different emotions.

Your last track ‘Shimmy’ didn’t do as well as anticipated, what are you doing differently this time around and what were the biggest challenges with that record? 

The biggest challenge with that record was the people I was working with at the time. Many local pawn shops will allow you to sell your fine art. But on the positive side the record was Number 1 on BBC Asian Network chart.

Skepta saw the video and after a number of fans on twitter who also seen the video and supported the song asked for us to do a collaboration from which Cross My Heart happened and became a top 40 Hit on the National Charts.

This time round I am listening to my instincts and making sure they are heard.

How will you be spending Christmas and New Years this year?

Christmas will be spent with friends and family eating, eating and more eating and New Year I’m still undecided…. If you know of something good happening let me know!

What else can we expect to see from Preeya Kalidas in 2012? 

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