News: X Factor’s Gary Barlow Talks Depression & Being Obese!

X Factor judge Gary Barlow has revealed that he is still traumatised by his battle with obesity and depression following the break-up of Take That.

Barlow said his weight gain was ‘about food, obviously, because I was shoving it in my mouth, but it was more about a reaction to who I’d been’.

He added: ‘I’d decided, “OK, nobody wants me, but I don’t want to do it anyway, and to make sure I don’t do it again, this is how I’m going to look”.

‘I realised afterwards it was a form of depression.’

He explained: ‘The fat was a protective coating. As I got bigger, I found I didn’t need a hat or sunglasses. I had my disguise wrapped around me. Then one day, in December 2001, [Wife] Dawn said: “Babe, I think you should go and see the doctor.”

‘I knew what she meant. I was wheezy and out of breath with even the slightest exertion. It would take me three rolls to get off the bed and I was reduced to wearing XXXL tracksuits. I hadn’t dared stand on the scales, but I forced myself: 16st 8lbs. I booked an appointment.’

Daily Mail

October 4, 2011  |  Mainstream, News  | 

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