Q&A: Jay Sean Talks To Brit-Asian On New Mixtape ‘The Mistress’

Brit-Asian caught up with Jay Sean backstage at the London Mela on Sunday to grab some exclusives on his new mixtape, The Mistress, out today!

It’s been 4 years since you’ve graced the stage at the London Mela, how was it?

I’ve definitely felt a change. One thing I felt was the pride of the people. I feel that there is more pride and more people saying ‘Go Jay’ and I like that. I feel like that gives me what I need that to keep doing what I’m doing. I really appreciate that.

Tell us about the new mixtape – The Mistress…

The Mistress contains 13 original songs, a mixtape is usually when artists use other people’s beats and spit their own verse but the Mistress is actually like a new album!

The reason I’m calling it a mixtape is because it’s free! It’s a gift to my fans; I feel that over 9 years it’s an album I feel I wanted to write. It’s a sideline passion project, nothing to do with charts or chasing what’s on radio, it’s a straight R&B album, a whole album of slow jams!

How does it differ to what we’ve heard from you before?

On The Mistress, I’ve gone to places I’ve never been before lyrically, some topics are super controversial, some stuff is dark and very edgy. It’s quite heavy and very much grown up concepts.

Who would be Jay Sean’s ideal mistress?

Hahahahaha, probably Kim Kardashian, but she’s now married :(

With all this time in the USA, how Punjabi is Jay Sean?

[Pointing to wrist] This is my Kara, I wear it everyday, there’s no bling on this one! Punjabi is written all over my face, it’s my heart and how I carry my life.

Who would u like to work with?

I’ve worked with lots of people I’ve always wanted to work with like Lil Wayne but I’d still love to work with Eminem or Jay-Z!

Download The Mistress HERE!

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