Audio: Bobby Friction Grills Wiley Over Racist Tweets & Jay Sean Beef!

Audio: Bobby Friction Grills Wiley Over Racist Tweets & Jay Sean Beef!

Bobby Friction got the chance to grill grime artist Wiley this evening regarding those racist tweets to Asians as well as the beef with Jay Sean.

Wiley turned up for the interview as promised and seemed to backtrack and play down the racism to Asians as ‘Ethnic Banter’, yes even that tweet about ‘Knocking off a Sikh’s ‘Turban’.

During the interview Wiley seemed very nervous as he kept referring to Bobby Friction as “BOB” in an effort buy some time during the heated interview. In the end Wiley wanted the interview to end as he prepares his ‘next’ interview with Bob!

Hear the full interview below

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  1. wiley is bull shitting!

  2. Wiley’s response is pathetic, he can not justify his response, what he claims as ethnic banter is clearly not acceptable. This guy says”im an adult I can rise above it, because i’m an adult”clearly not!..if he was an adult he would’ve overlooked commments by fans and stood alongside jay sean to urge fans to keep race and religion out of music!..he does not deserve to be an icon to the younger generation, and if he thinks his comments are acceptable then people should boycott his music!

  3. Ethnic batter happens I don’t understand the issue! We all tease each other for being different!

  4. You know what i’m indian and I find this joke!! All you indian’s go on about nigga this nigga that! LMAOO so how the hell are you lot going to on like this is bad! LOL Wiley it’s pure joke! LOL cos realistically how many of you Asians are going to bad him up? any of you? nah didnt think so! So all of you realistically cool down man! LOL cos u lot are just hyping for noooo reason! LOL

    It’s just bare joke – How many times do you indians cuss muslims and how many muslims cuss indians? but thas cool?


  5. Urm am I missing a point here, if a white man says to a rasta ‘I’ll slap the dreds of your head’ how does that make him racist??????????

    To me this is all blown out of proportion nonsense – due to the fact that nobody truly pays attention to either of these artists in the REAL mainstream music world.

    Publicity stunt maybe….

    -Coming from someone of mixed race and religious background.

    The only reason I’m even aware of this is due to someone’s facebook update, which quite frankly says it all.

  6. Although I can’t justify what he said,because its wrong, and like he says he should been above it, how sad that in 2011, it still comes down to this…
    But Wiley has a point that why doesn’t he have any of the tweets others wrote, maybe he was provoked?? You can’t say something bad to anyone and not expect anything back!!

  7. Wiley is right, Statistically Asians are the most racist population within the UK. Wiley only responded to what was unacceptable in the first place, he expressed his opinion and that is how it is. Racial banter went further than what he explained in my days, especially at school. Get a grip guys, so sad…

    • Asians are the most racist population “statistically”? What stats are you talking about? Please enlighten me Bruv.

  8. I am Indian and I can honestly say that I don’t think Wiley is not a racist but I do think he needed to handle this 10 times better than he did. He said that he is an adult and can rise above it but he clearly failed to do that.

    Its a fact that he is over 30 years old and should’ve acted like an adult.

    “if you want me to say sorry, I need to hear sorry from people who called me racist names”?

    Wiley mate you admitted that you went down to their level and acted like a prick. I think that says it all.

    I don’t think he is a racist and will be joining BNP anytime soon :-p


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