Flicks: London Riot Looters Steal Basmati Rice!

The riots in London over the past three days have seen youths looting many shops, some looters have even been pictured stealing Basmati rice!

August 9, 2011  |  Mainstream, News  | 


  1. There is a twitter page set up with the aim of collating all images of these looters in the hope they are recognised and caught. @wantedrioters

  2. Paul C Hartley

    They probably heard that their mates were looting Currys

  3. He must have got the wrong idea when his mates said they were looting currys!

  4. he must of got it for his hamster

  5. riots rices

  6. this is so funny everyone steals tv’s and he steals rice

  7. the police dont care about the haundreds of tv’s and phones that got stolen all they want back is the basmati rice :)


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