News: Karan Johar Unfazed By ‘Gay’ Rumours!

Karan Johar has said he is comfortable with the rumours regarding his sexuality!

Karan opens up about his private life on a forthcoming episode of Simi Garewal’s chatshow India’s Most Desirable.

Karan said: “There are people who have asked me on national television sometimes, and it was a Hindi show, it was meant to be about a tie-up with another channel and something unsavory came my way, asking me very directly about my sexual orientation and I looked at him and said why are you interested? Because it was said in such a strange way.”

“Obviously if you are single, you are 39, there will be conjecture about your sexuality and your orientation,” Johar said. “I have no problem with that, and I am very comfortable with hearing all kinds of rumours that float around.” he added.


September 10, 2011  |  Bollywood, News  | 

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  1. It’s not anyones business whether he is gay or not. If he’s not comfortable telling people you should respect that. How dare people ask such a question. And the more peoplw pry, the more it will make him self conscious whether he is gay or not. ANd its on your conscience making someone feel like that and they can’t be themselves and feel they need to put an act on.

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