News: Indian Actress Banned From Acting After Affair!

Indian actress Nikhita Thukral has been banned from appearing in Kannada language films for three years over an alleged affair with another actor.

The Kannada Film Producers’ Association imposed the ban on Ms Thukral saying she had spoiled the “domestic harmony of a fellow actor”.

She denies having an affair with the actor, known as Darshan, a popular action hero in southern India.

Ms Thukral, from the state of Punjab, said the ban is “ridiculous”.

She says that nobody ever consulted her to get her version of events.

The move comes after Darshan was arrested on charges of domestic violence three days ago, following a complaint from his wife, Vijaylakshmi.

She alleged that he had beaten her and threatened her with a gun but she later withdrew the complaint, a police official told the BBC. The argument was reportedly over the alleged affair with Ms Thukral.


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