News: UK’s Sofia Hayat Calls Katrina Kaif ‘Talentless!’

The UK’s Sofia Hayat, who is set to make her Bollywood debut in Diary of a Butterfly, told The Times of India that she plans to be more successful in Bollywood than fellow Brit Katrina Kaif.

“If Katrina Kaif, who has no talent, can make it big, then watch out India, here comes Sofia,” she said. “I’ve watched her perform live to ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ and she was expressionless. She was like, ‘How much am I getting paid to do this show?’” She added.

“Believe me, I have made big money in England. I have written a book and I have starred in a BBC series as well. I am a successful actor and I am here only to do meaningful cinema,” she said.

Sofia also took some shots at Indian actors saying

“I think Indian actors are a little stuck-up. They are very pretentious.”

Sofia is definitely going all guns blazing for her Bollywood debut!

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