News: ‘Diary Of A Badman’ Makes Top 10 Most Viewed Video 2011!

News: 'Diary Of A Badman' Makes Top 10 Most Viewed Video 2011!

YouTube has revealed the most watched videos in the UK for 2011. Humza’s ‘Diary Of A Bad Man 5’ came in at number 7. In this episode, the star of the show makes a diary about his near death experience!

The Full List:

1. Ultimate Dog Tease

2. The T-Mobile Royal Wedding

3. Songify This – Winning

4. Nyan Cat [original]

5. Michael Collings audition

6. Masterchef Synesthesia

7. Diary of a bad man 5

8. Rebecca Black Friday (Brock’s Dub)

9. Talking Twin Babies

10. TomSka


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