News: Wiley Shows Support To Asian MC Aaron London!

News: Wiley Shows Support To Asian MC Aaron London!

17 year old Aaron London is the hottest new talent to hit the UK recently, especially from the Urban Asian scene, looking to follow from blueprint set by Jay Sean!

Recently Aaron met Jay Sean at Universal records and today Wiley helped push the word out by tweeting Aaron’s new mixtape single Dream.

Wiley tweeted:

‘New Single’ @Aaron_London – Dream On iTunes.’ #EastLondon

Has Wiley now started to support the Asian community?!

Check out Aaron London latest mixtape single ‘Dream’ below

Click here to follow Aaron London on Twitter

Buy Aaron’s new single on iTunes here

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  1. Thats not a fair comment. Wiley has always supported asian artists. Most recently he was on Mumzy Strangers album and song called Spaceship.
    He even worked with Shizzio in 2008.
    The whole Jay Sean/Racial scenario was blown way out of proportion if you ask me.

    Love to Jay Sean and Wiley to great artists in thier own right.

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