News: Amir Khan: I’ll ‘Do Whatever It Takes’ To Beat Mayweather!

News: Amir Khan: I'll 'Do Whatever It Takes' To Beat Mayweather!

Amir Khan has reiterated he will do whatever it takes to get to the top and beat Floyd Mayweather in the near future.

Amir also went to mock Floyd for not selling out his last fight in his own hometown!

“Floyd bashed me for having 2000 unsold tickets for the Judah fight in Vegas, his fight vs Ortiz there was 1200 tickets given away and 3000 tickets unsold and thats in his hometown… oh well shit happens”

Amir also went on to comment on he’s got the gameplan will execute whatever it takes to take down Floyd.

“Mayweather fight and in a couple of fights time i will be ready, theres only one way of beating him, love me or hate me im gonna get to the top and do whatever i have to do to get there”


September 26, 2011  |  Mainstream, News  | 

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