News: Bhangra Star Garry Sandhu Arrested & Faces Deportation?

It’s been reported that Bhangra star Garry Sandhu was arrested yesterday in Handsworth, Birmingham.

A source told Ikonz magazine that the UK Border Agency confirmed Garry’s arrest after discovering he had been living in the UK illegally and will be deported back to India on the 1st November.

Garry Sandhu is believed to have been living in the UK illegally and now faces deportation back to his home-country India after being discovered as an illegal immigrant.

Sources have also claimed that it was in fact another UK bhangra artist who had ‘snitched’ on the singer.

October 28, 2011  |  Bhangra, News  | 


  1. garry sandhu should get that bitch or bastard fucked how ever snitched of you

  2. fukkk em all up garryyy….i bloody loved yuee to bitss….<3….fulfill ur dream m8…x love yuee alwayss……

  3. im a singh but i absolutaly HATE uk-bhangra and i never heard his name before! these people think that they can get into the main-stream of music but they cannot beat TIESTO, Armin van Buuren & AR Rehman!

  4. big fan of yours garry and any1who grassed on you, give me mail on and you will see what will happen to them. if you need sponsoring,etc i have busness and i can help you stay here…if your not here musci world would be boring i love your songs

  5. bitch its called KARAM and karam is a bitch..dnt worry u will pay for wat u did to gary sandhu..u snitched on him just cuz he was a good singer jealous as motherfuker..u will pay for wat u did nd den regard it !!!

  6. Kiiran get real
    stop living in cook coo land
    he broke the law, after all he would be hit in india
    laws are made for a reason am sure garry knows that.

    I like his songs and a think he is cool, but on a serious note he knew he was taking a risk

  7. Lol deporttttt d cunt. Enough girls got abused by this sad cunt and about time it came back on him!!

  8. DEPORT HIM!! freshie thought he could come to the UK, break the law and nothing would happen to him??! Idiot! He broke the law so should pay the price, he aint nothing special just another illegal freshie, thousands of them here, send em all back!! Look on the bright side, when he goes to india he can release another song and call it ‘freshie deport hogaya’! lol

  9. Garry is an inspiring artist, his songs are so meaningful and fun, yes he did stay over his limit in the UK but hes not causing the UK any harm but in return giving the Bhangra industry in the UK a big name. I say Garry should stay, infact needs to stay, we all need his talent and being such a down to earth guy he deserves the right to stay!

  10. im a garry sandhu fan buhh wtff y do dah wen u gna geh caught one day oh da oda its sad mann!!!!! :/

  11. He needs to be sent back to freshie land where he belongs. He’s here illegally so he should be kicked out! and so should all the other freshies that are here aswell. He aint anything special at all – just another picec of tutti – like all the other freshies here! KICK ALL THE FRESHIES OUT OF THE UK!!

  12. suzi you need to stop acting your very westernised and dont forget where your freshie family come from. Garry is fantastic singer and he did not come here to claim benefits.he come to earn his way so please keep your offensive comments and ask your mum wheather is she a freshie.respect garry hope your okay

    • i agreeeeeeee totally.. he needs to stay to carry on making good music

    • word up brother. these white wannabes need to stop hating on freshies and get a life. They r forgetting where their family came from and what would ve happened if people would ve thought sameway about your parents n kicked them back to their country??

  13. Param and KIRAN

    i am not being rued but just Listen all Garry sandhu fans! i think we should all let him stay in the united kingdon uk and don’t fukin forget where your parents and grand parents are from india/Pakistan/bangladas think how your parents came here! He is not making any problem to us! WHY are you making problem 4him? if he is fresh what about your parents are they fresh too? He is making our calture going futher? Why are u stoping him? He should not get depot back india? He should get citizen in uk? WE LOVE U GARRY KEEP IT UP WITH YOUR MUISE GOOD LUCK