News: Garry Sandhu Releases Statement On Deportation Reports!

Bhangra star Garry Sandhu hit back at reports with a statement regarding being arrested and facing deportation!

“After recent false accusations made against me, I still continue to do what I love best in providing the fans that I love dearly with my music. I can not control peoples actions and I am at the top of my game expect haters to hate, but in the end the truth sets any man free! And this is what you will see in the coming days. For I cannot lie to those I love or to my fans they are most important in my life! As an individual I was taught to be cautious now after allowing negative people into my life, that have taken advantage. Thank you for those who have supported me and I will not stop doing what I enjoy!!! Love you all and be safe… Garry Sandhu xxx”

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  1. OMG – i swear, im gonna diee.
    how can garry sandhu be deportedd?
    F*** all these f*cking UK agenciess man.
    i want Garry Sandhuuu

  2. All your fans are with you garry im glad that you are not giving up i hope everything gets well soon lots of love Zay ur fan xx

  3. Halima Babiiee

    Gaarryy Sandhu we all love you to you are my favourite singer, stay tuned i gt bare love for you and im sure all your fans have to! xx

    Fuck that haterz we dnt need em’ we only need the ‘TRUES’.x

    iiLoveeYouuhhGarrySandhuuuuuuu’<3 xxxxx

    MWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxxxx

    <3 xxxxx

  4. I Kay Kaur and millions of others truely want Gurmukh Sing Sandhu OKA Garry Sandhu to remain in the UK. Garry Sandhu has earned his stay to remain in the UK. Garry has worked extremely hard to become the successful artist that he is and has built enormous love in many hearts, garry Sandhu is a very loving individual that is loved all over the United Kingdom. Garry Sandhu has worked from is heart to become successful so we urge for the Immigration to allow Garry Sandhu to remain in the UK. Garry has no past convictions and whilst Garry has been in the UK he has never ever been in trouble with the law. Garry Sandhu is just a young successful man who is doing what he does best and that is providing love and music in our hearts continuesly. if you require any more information about Garry Sandhu please do not hesitate to contact Garry Sandhu’s fans and people that love and support him on 07816333026

    • what about all the benefits he claimed illegally?

      • I dnt what is wrong with u ppl….he is illegal and law is equal for every one…so he should be deported…u guyz are his fans so it shudn’t matter to u…whether he stays in U.K or in INDIA…all matters is MUSIC…he can sing in INDIA too

  5. love u gary always gonna be on your side and ur my favourite singer xxxxxxxxx luv uuuuuuu.

  6. Good luckkk b .. Youl be fine hopefullyyy:) u gt lots of fans who are behind you:)

  7. He broke the law so he needs to be deported, simple as that. So what if he’s a singer? he’s crap! millions out there like him, he aint anything special. He doesnt abide by the law here then he needs to fuck off back to india, and all the other freshies here also need to piss off back to their pinds aswell, no one wants them here! About time they all got kicked out!

    • hear hear suzi, a girl after my own heart.
      At last some sense

    • i bet ur parents are freshees to you coconut they should’ve been deprted years ago for jumping on a banana boat to gain citizenship in this country.TWAT

  8. and Kay Kaur – who do u think u are?? some sort of MP?? who is gonna listen to u?? Grow up u idiot! Writing some sort of speech as if UKBA is gonna listen to a word u say! lol.u make me laugh. if u cant live without the freshie then go after him to india! no ones stopping u! go and stay there as long as u like cause im sure nobody will miss u here!

    • lol kay kaur is some next idiot. she randomly msg me on facebook being his awyer only because i wrote on his wall he broke the law so he should be deported. lol she aint young. shes an old aunt…

  9. Cnt belive garry sandhu is getin deported back fuckin hate hu eva snitchd on him x i hpe thngs gt wel for u soon b strong dnt gve up x
    we al love u

  10. Suzi STFU you hating biatch!

  11. ANOTHER illegal immigrant that has been draining the UK’s benefits system until he became a singer.
    All illegals should be deported instantly.
    No excuses

  12. suzi is a white bitch.

    suzi, if it wasnt for us indians, how would this country work? you all would die, 99% of the doctors are indian, go on say fuck off to them and send them back? i wanna see how long u live for.

  13. suzi you should think before saying anything. look at this country without indians, meaning if there is no indians, ther wont be any doctors. who meant to save you then?

  14. all the people who r against Garry Sandhu go and fukin die we fans dont need fukin peices of shit on dis earth like u!!!!!!!!!!

    also the indians who r callin garry a fershy go and fukin die us indians are all from india, our parents, grandpaerants, greatgrandparents one up em was also a freshy one day u basterds!

  15. your the people claiming benefits us asian work hard for a living you eat the tax we pay and most businesses are run by asian garry sandhu is the best so get a life and job stop claiming

  16. garry sandhu me tanu boht jaida pasand kardi
    jado menu pata laga ki tusi deport hoe aa menu sonke boht dukh hoeya
    me tadi zaroor ardas karungi ki tusi fer ik wari england ao te fer sanu apne nawe to nawe gane kad ke sunao
    i love you soooooooooooo muccchhhhhh
    you are too good

  17. heyyyyy garry, i am not an indian girl, but i tell you smth i like you sooo much <3<3


  19. I dnt what is wrong with u ppl….he is illegal and law is equal for every one…so he should be deported…u guyz are his fans so it shudn’t matter to u…whether he stays in U.K or in INDIA…all matters is MUSIC…he can sing in INDIA too

  20. Don’t worry about the haterz Garry u got meeee! Lol
    Love u Loadsss and best of luck! xxxxx

  21. jus send the freshie back to the shit pind he came from! dont need any freshies here, they come here and think they are all that living here illegally, using our resources, send all these illegal freshies back, glad conservatives are back in power, they will kick all these freshies out. And all of u freshie lovers posting on here, if u like him soo much then go to india with him, he aint anything special – just another illegal freshie! This country needs to get rid of all these bitter twisted freshies. And when he goes india he can sing another song – freshie deport hogaya! hehe and to the two illiterate freshies going on about indian doctors – just take the doctors back with u to india wen u go, im sure the doctors from here will be able to look after english people without the help of the banther freshies with their tutti futti english!!

  22. To Suzi i bet ur parents were freshies to thay should’ve been deprted years ago

  23. listen yh immagration if u dont let go of my boi garry sanduh im gonna rade ur office aal my boyzz are gonna land do cwn and cause riots give him the stay in the uk

  24. ok garry sandhu is a good guy hes speaks honestly and dont lie and stuff. if he could stay in the uk i wouldnt mind but im just saying whatever he did in the uk he can also do in india so dont giveup and carry on your hardwork..only diff is you wont be making £££’s it’ll be rupees. but at the end of the day you gotta be happy with what you enjoy doing and love and most of all be able to support your parents. you need money to live but money isn’t everything sometimes! continue what your’e doing in india be happy make your parents proud and get married to a FRESHIE! LOL :)

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