News: L’Oreal Deny Lightening Freida Pinto For New Ad!

L’Oreal have been accused of altering Freida Pinto’s skin tone in its latest campaign, but the brand has denied the allegations.

“This is with reference to certain incorrect reports on the internet about L’Oreal Paris lightening Freida Pinto’s skin-tone in the campaign ‘Colors Take Flight Project Runway’. L’Oreal Paris strongly reiterates that Freida Pinto’s skin-tone in the campaign has not been altered in any way,” said a statement from the company today.

“This campaign was meant to highlight Freida Pinto’s make-up colors applied on her eyes and lips. Thus, some powerful studio lights with ring-flash have been used for this purpose to create a runway effect on the picture. There has been no whitening retouching process whatsoever on her face,” it added.

Did they lighten Frieda?!

September 29, 2011  |  Mainstream, News  | 

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