Video: MJ Bodyguard: ‘Conrad Murray Told Me To Hide Drugs’

Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard has appeared in court to testify on day three of the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial.

Alberto Alvarez recalled seeing a saline bag containing a 125ml bottle of what appeared to be the powerful drug propofol in the moments leading up to Jackson’s death.

“I recall that while I was detaching [the saline bag] from the IV stand, the bag was at my eye level so I was able to notice that there was a bottle inside the bag,” he told the court.

“I was able to notice at the bottom of the bag what appeared to me like a milky white substance.” He then confirmed that the item inside the bag was a propofol bottle.

Alvarez, who was the first person to discover Jackson unconscious after Murray tried to resuscitate him, claimed that Murray told him to put vials of medicine in a bag before calling 911. Alvarez said that he trusted Murray’s actions as he was a doctor.


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