News: Garry Sandhu Deported Back To India!

It’s been confirmed that Garry Sandhu has been given his marching orders and will be sent back to India.

There’s no confirmation as to when exactly he will be sent home, or if he has already been removed from the UK. The news that Garry Sandhu is definitely being removed from the UK was confirmed earlier today on the BBC Asian Network


January 3, 2012  |  Bhangra, News  | 


    • Good rhythms and goodbye

      Illegal people should be deported immediately.

    • I agree, this is very wrong… even if he had come to the UK on an illegal basis he did not do anything to harm anyone. The UK is getting rid of such a great singer who they should be proud. Im from Canada, and if we had someone like that in our country we would be honoured to have him! Im sitting here reading rude comments on other sites about Garry, and how hes a freshie and should be deported back. I find it absolutely disgusting to see that someone who nationality is Indian would even say something like that. Good luck Garry, best of luck! Im sure you will do very well no matter where you are…

  1. Good rhythms and goodbye

    Just because he sings should not allow UK immigration rules to be relaxed. Gary this is UK mate, not India, whats wrong is wrong no matter who you are or what you do. You made your money here so now go back to India and spend it there.

    You have set a bad example to your fans and let them down!

  2. about time!! they shoul not have let him go free wen they detained him the 1st time! England has got to show these freshies that they are not welcome here and need to piss off back to india! flippin heck the streets are crawling with these pervy illegal freshies, they need to all be sent back. everyone do the decent thing, report all illegal freshies so england can finally get rid of the scum and send em back to their dutty pinds. and so what if garry a singer? he aint nuthing special, theres loads of singers here so we dont need him, any illegal freshies reaking the law in this country should be sent straight back to where theyv cum from! thinking he’s a gora yet cant even talk proper english, and sed he is proud to be a freshie yet hates his freshie name and calls himself garry a gora name. Imensely glad he has been deported and for all u pervert freshies out there, watch out because soon it will be ur turn to return to india!! haha

  3. here we go. just another bunch of ignorant dumb asses chatting out their arses :) well lookee here. nobody gives a flying FUCK what u think ‘tia’ your just another hater :) funny how garry has thousands of people behind him and your just a nobody sitting somewhere spreading hate :) Also although I am british i know that people that come from india or pak have more manners and respect than daftys like yous :) so yeah suck ass. nobody givs 2 shits about what you THINK should be done. he is what he is and we love him ;)

  4. u people talk like ur parents werent freshies when they came to this country ? and why are u so jealous of a freshie climbbing up the ladder amongst all the UK artists ?

  5. lol wow, seems like youve forgotten your roots…where did your parents come from or if not your parents where did your grandparents come from… and its funny how your sitting here saying that all these freshies should be sent back to india to their “dutty pinds”,and then ppl like you go visit india… maybe you shouldnt do that either. Shocked too see that instead of supporting ppl from your own culture you would sit here and say all this against them…thats one big difference between SOME ppl for example you (not saying everyone), who are closer to India than we are and even we dont say stuff like that. Not saying you have to support Garry, but you shouldnt sit here saying all this either. Just because someone is from India does NOT make them a bad person…i guess you probably feel the same way about your own family members then…since your ancestors must have migrated from elsewhere..perhaps India???

  6. If Gary, Larry or Harry or whatever name he calls himself, believes he is a real Indian then he should stay in India, the motherland. British Indians are here by birth so didn’t really have much choice, but alot of them are proud to be Indian and even returning and settling back in India.

    Gary Larry or Harry from India should not abandon the motherland and come to UK.

    Shaheed Bhagat Singh et al would be turning in their graves to learn that Gary Larry Harry wanna leave India for UK.

    Were Gary ancestors in favour of the British Raj in India.

    Real Indians lost their lives in name of Independence freeing India from the British English and now these traitor Indian freshies wanna run to UK because they are greedy for luxuries they cannot afford in India.

    Gary is an illegal immigrant and therefore a criminal and a disgrace to Indian patriotism!!!! If Gary is a good singer why not stay in India and get recognition there. Gurdas Maan sings about Apna Punjab, he hasnt run to UK has he?

    British born Indians are way more patriotic than freshies who come here in dreams of wealth and dont care about the Indian martyrs!!

    Gary shame on you dude, you shouldnt call yourself Indian, see if you can be called English by living in UK, no chance mate!!!!

    Real Indian Voice

  7. Listen up its simple this. Singer or not… He has broken the law and its right people like him should go back.

    Yes, of course we originate from back home but our elders came here in the legal manner not illegal, so please accept the british law if your a british citizens.

    He is a lucky boy he is not been sent down for all that undeclared cash, not payed taxes. Cheated the fans – Simple.

  8. The rules are the rules end of this has nothing to do with our parents because they came by the right channels- also Garry a singer with thousands of fans behind him means nothing spec when he lied I his fans about everything from day one – since when did he tell them the truth about his age and about the times he avoided UKBA? I clearly heard him say in one interview he had got his visa- why lie for when your illegal then start a career off when your illegal?

    He is a bad example to the younger generations and should defo have been sent back for what he did.

  9. Garry

    U came here to marry but ur a freshie with a freshie culture and a freshie mentality!!!!

    Shame on u dude!!

    U got kicked out by the British!!!!!!!

    U gone back to “da Pind” in shame with ur tail between ur legs!!!!

    Dont come back!!!!


  10. A real UK indian


    If u got any heart, give that illegally earned money to a charity back in India, then again ur a greedy freshie so no chance of that.

    Got no sympathy for u.

    What happened to ur white Range Rover Sport, did u take it back to India or u now driving a TaTa truck, lol????

    U should sing a song now about how u was DEPORTED from UK

    C ya dont wanna b ya

  11. What is the big deal with Garry Sandhu being deported?

    Like every other illegal immigrant, he earned his money with no remorse of the wrong he is doing.

    Garry if you can sing, then make a name for yourself in India, home of the real Punjabi singers.
    You come to UK, sing with your muslim mate roachkilla (who got an identity issue, a black guy wannabe)and u think u will be pardoned and just given British citizenship?

    Anyway chill out in India freshie

    K Singh

  12. Amarjit Singh

    Sat Sri Akal

    Gary was a good singer, I admire him for his singing however not for his lying. Dont say horrible stuff about freshy’s and pinds. They just want to earn a living elsewhere hence England.
    He was wrong to come on TV and sing, and after watching various shows about his trials and signing I have seen how silly he was to be an illegal singer appearing on TV! LOL! The wierd bit is he wrote and published a song about being a Freshy!
    He is proud about being an Indian and so should we ! Respect our indian culture. His money should be given to a charity, that would be the most honest and respectful way of being deported.
    I wish him all the best back in India and hope that he makes the right choice.
    We should all respect and celebrate our wonderful culture and be proud of it.
    Your Faithfully
    Amarjit Singh xxxxx

  13. Hi sorry for a late reply but i am crying now it is so sad that u are deported back to india i wanted u here because so that u can make new songs and laugh about with ur no 1 fans who loves u so much that they even want to come to india with u do what i miss u loads i have listened to ur song bricks bu gv and u so see ya later pess


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