Picture This: Zayn Malik Shows Off New Arabic Tattoo!

Zayn Malik has taken to his Twitter account to reveal his new tattoo.

He tweeted: ‘For every1 asking what the new tatt means it says be true to who you are’.

This new itching means that the singer now has four tattoos.Zayn has his grandfather’s name inked on his chest in Arabic.

He also has a Japanese symbol tattooed on his hip which means ‘born lucky’, and on his wrist he has the yin and yang symbol.

April 5, 2012  |  Mainstream, News  | 

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  1. He has 6 tattoos in fact. His grandpa’s name on the chest, some sort of map or idk what’s that on his ribs, he covered his “born lucky” one with a heart i think, he has one on each hand and the “be true to who you are” one so..do the math :)

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