News: Boxer Amir Khan Labelled As ‘Overrated’

Amir Khan has told Angel Garcia – the father of Danny Garcia – he “will beat his son” after Khan was labelled as overrated by Danny’s father.

“First of all, Khan is an overrated fighter,” said Angel Garcia, who trains his son, Danny.

“There’s a lot of fighters out there who are rated and we are going to execute every single one of them. We’re coming out here to fight the best.”

Garcia Snr also interrupted Khan during his time with the microphone, not allowing the Bolton boxer to speak at times.

“First of all, Khan got knocked out in Europe. That happens, that happens to the best,” he said.

“Second of all, Peterson whooped him like an octopus, hit him from all kind of angles – and then he [Khan] blamed it on the judges.

“When Danny starts hitting you with these hammers, what are you going to start to blame it on? The gloves will have rocks in them? What are you going to do? One-two, roll out, all night?”

Danny’s father does a lot of talking, but at the end of the day he’s not the one who’s going to be in the ring,” said Khan.

“You can keep saying what you want – that I’m overrated and I’m no good – but when I beat your son, am I still going to be overrated?”

Khan’s words came after Angel Garcia opened the press conference with a series of negative remarks about the former champion.

Khan and Garcia met in Los Angeles to officially announce their WBC light-welterweight title fight on 14 July.

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