News: English Family Ditch Maidstone For Mumbai & Mix With Bollywood Stars!

Brits moving to India is quickly becoming a popular movie. With employment levels at an all-time low in the UK, an increasing amount of people are moving to East Asia in a bid to capatilise on the booming economy.

Lindsey and Mick Gordon, both 46, sold their property in Maidstone, Kent and moved to Mumbai with their two children Hugh, 13, and Polly, 11, in 2008.

A sharp contrast to their life in Britain, they now live in a five-star, luxury gated compound, have a team of personal staff including a driver and personal trainer, and earn high salaries.

Lindsey even claims to rub shoulders with Bollywood stars at the school gates.

Describing the Indian way of life, Mick – who runs a market research firm and manages a staff of 500 – said: ‘The attitude here is highly optimistic because everyone sees India’s time is coming.

‘Here there’s a belief that the future is ours, whereas in Europe it’s all about hanging on to what we’ve got as things aren’t going to get better. It’s a fundamental difference in attitude.’

Speaking about their decision to relocate to the side of the world, Lindsey said: ‘We felt the country was going to the dogs and thought we’d get out while we could.

‘The country’s bankrupt and everyone’s depressed.

‘India is heading into the stratosphere, it’s incredible how quickly it’s changing.’

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