News: Bipasha Injured Herself While Trying To Lose Weight!

Bipasha Basu has admitted she became bedridden after trying to lose weight for the first time.

“I was quite overweight and used to cover myself intelligently so that I didn’t end up looking fat. I realised I needed to shed weight.

“I had no knowledge about health and fitness and even went on crash diets. Suddenly, I started getting excruciating pain in my knees, with days when I could barely stand. [Doctors] said I was suffering from an extreme condition. My knees had become like that of a 65-year-old person.

“I got into weight training. Importantly, I was told to strengthen my thigh and butt muscles to maintain the correct balance so as to offset the weak knees. I am still under therapy and will always be throughout my life. However now, I do it myself.”

January 24, 2012  |  Bollywood, News  | 

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