News: Sonu Nigam Explains London O2 Arena No-Show!

Sonu Nigam has issued an official press statement regarding his no-show at the 02 Dhamaka concert on Sunday 22nd April.

Nigam was due to be the headline act which also featured Atif Aslam.

24 hours before the concert, Nigam wrote on Twitter: “Disappointed and enraged to inform everyone that I’m not coming to London. Hard to believe that except my visa, not a single visa for my group was done.”

In the press release a representative of Nigam said: “We shall keep it short, honest and to the point. Mr Nigam had categorically announced his delight in performing for the said concert and spread the word amongst his anxious fans on April 17.

“After their entire troupe’s ordeal on their way back from Australia when their connecting flight to Bombay got cancelled from Singapore and they had to fly to Delhi and then reach Mumbai; they headed straight to the British visa office VFS in Andheri East, and fulfilled the official formalities as the promoters in UK had assured that the visas could easily be procured thereafter.

“Little did we know that we will reach a point where our time, our dates and most importantly our credibility will go through testing times such as this! In our 20 years of successful inning in the show-biz, this is the first time a promoter has failed to obtain visas for our entire group except Mr Nigam’s! We are aghast at this unexpected turn of events.

“We are still being civil in this entire scenario by not playing the blame game although the entire fiasco smells of a definite foul play from the side of the people organising the visas for us, but if someone instead misleads our fan base, and all the people who bought the expensive tickets, flew in, in some cases, all the way from abroad only to see the headline act, Mr Sonu Nigam, and gives false information, it is only appropriate that we tell the truth from our own side!”

The statement concludes that Nigam’s team have offered to perform on another date later this month or next month.

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