News: Amir Khan Talks Recent Private Life Allegations & B’ham Gang Attack!

Ahead of Amir Khan’s bout with Carlos Molina next month, Khan talked about recent newspaper ‘cheating’ claims on his fiancée and his recent issue in Birmingham where he fought off a gang of thugs!

The confrontation ended abruptly with one of the would-be thieves being knocked out cold by Khan.

‘I walked out of this café and I opened the car door and these guys jumped in the car ahead of me and said “This ain’t your car mate,”‘ Khan said.

It was a courtesy car I’d be given so at first I did a double take and thought, “Maybe it’s not my car”. Then I saw something in the back seat that I’d put there and I knew it was my car. Then the guys started saying – “We’re not getting out the car. You’re going to have to buy it off us”. I had the car keys so I wasn’t too worried. I thought it was a joke. But then it got a bit serious and one guy came out aggressively and said “What are going to do?” And he jabbed me in the face. It wasn’t hard. He barely scratched me really. He tried to swing again and I knocked him out.”

I hated it to be honest with you. I never fight outside the ring. We’re born fighters, we’re taught how to fight.

‘So when someone tries to fight you they’re making a big mistake. That’s when it got messy because they came out with baseball bats and sticks and smashed the rear window. They must have been drunk or high or something.’

Meanwhile Khan, who is engaged to New York student Faryal Makhdoom, has shrugged off revelations about his private life after allegations in The Sun he had been partying hard with other women in Marbella in August.

‘She’s cool, she knows the truth because I didn’t do anything honestly,’ Khan said. ‘She doesn’t believe anything that the papers say because I’m honest to her. I don’t lie and she knows there’s always going to be stuff written about me.

It’s a distraction when you’re preparing for a fight. But my fiancée and my family haven’t really spoken to me about it.’


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