News: Garry Sandhu Deported Back To India!

It’s been confirmed that Garry Sandhu has been given his marching orders and will be sent back to India.

There’s no confirmation as to when exactly he will be sent home, or if he has already been removed from the UK. The news that Garry Sandhu is definitely being removed from the UK was confirmed earlier today on the BBC Asian Network


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New Video: Miss Pooja Feat. Rishi Rich – ‘Menu Tere Jeya’

Check out the new video from Miss Pooja featuring production by Rishi Rich in ‘Menu Tere Jeya’


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New Video: Kamal Raja’s Swagged Out New Single ‘UFFF’

Here we have it, Desi star Kamal Raja is back with a fresh new, and just as striking single “UFFF”.

Shot in Paris, the single is all about glamour & sophistication meet with sensuality & romance.

Duality is everywhere: in Kamal’s voice, in the production, in the body-language, in the dress-code and in the choice of the setting.

“UFFF” is to brought to you by Record Label Bollywood Zone.

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New Movie: Panjabi MC Features In Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘The Dictator’ Trailer!

Sacha Baron Cohen is back, this time as ‘The Dictator’, the story of a political figure who causes international scandal on his trip to the United States.

Sacha is supported by an all star cast  which includes Ben Kingsley, Megan Fox, John C Reilly, BJ Novak and Anna Faris.

The trailer features Panjabi MC’s massive hit with Jay-Z ‘Beware of the boys’.


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News: Rishi Rich Hits Back At Abuse From ‘Former Artists’

Rishi Rich has released a statement on his Facebook about abuse, disrespect and dis-trust from former artists.

“I got into this Music Buisness for the love of music, but with that comes, Personal Abuse, Disrespect , Dis-trust . I have suspended my Twitter account due to Abuse from Former Artists I worked with and Helped. I’ve always said that My Music is my Voice, not me. So I will let my Music do the talking from here on. God bless. Rishi. X”

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News: Mumzy Explains Split With Rishi Rich & ‘Issue’ With Jay Sean!

Mumzy attended the UK Asian Music Awards 2012 voting launch party on Tuesday night at Merah, London.

On the night Mumzy explained why he & Tasha Tah split with Rishi Rich and the recent Glasgow gig issue with Jay Sean, where Mumzy claimed he was dropped at the last minute by the promoters of Jay Sean’s ‘Money & Mistress’ tour.

“I’ve always supported Jay, even now I do, but I was booked by promoters as a support act, and I don’t do anything unless there’s a contract. After one week, my management tells me it’s not happening even though we all signed a contract. I don’t blame Jay, I blame the promoters, and still I don’t know why I and Junai Kaden got taken off.”  I don’t speak to Jay, I did tweet him, and it doesn’t bother me that he hasn’t responded. ‘You can’t pressure someone to support you.’ Mumzy told Desi Hits!

Moving onto Rishi Rich, ‘I parted from Rishi last year cos I felt I was blocked, though Rishi gave me a platform, I became a feature artist, but where’s my album? It never got produced and Tasha suffered the similar situation” he added.


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New Video: Kamal Raja – UFFF [Teaser]

Check out the teaser from Desi artist, Kamal Raja for his new single and video ‘UFFF’ Add Kamal on Facebook Follow Kamal on Twitter

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News: Jay Sean Hits Back At ‘Haters’ For Glasgow Gig!

There was a lot of confusion and bad blood arising from the so-called withdrawal of ‘Mumzy & Junai Kaden’ that were announced inappropriately (by third parties) on Jay Sean’s Money & The Mistress show in Glasgow.

ShowCase PR and PhatNights wish to dispel rumours that Jay Sean is unsupportive of the artists in question.

After months of consultation and preparation, ShowCase PR, in conjunction with Jay Sean’s management and label, were committed to both the UK artists that were officially billed.

Jay Sean and ShowCase PR cannot be held responsible for any unofficial statements. We look forward to three amazing nights of the Money & The Mistress tour with Jay Sean, Skepta and Talay Riley.

Mumzy fanatics need to wait until Mumzy does a nationwide tour on his own merit!


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New Music: Raghav’s New Pop Record ‘Top Of The World’

Check out Raghav’s new feel-good pop record in ‘Top Of The World’.

Top Of The World is the third single to release off his forthcoming album, ‘The Phoenix’, the new track is already heating up radio air-waves in Canada.

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New Music: DJ Rugrat Drops ‘Bollywood Mix’

DJ Rugrat has just got back from India and in tribute to his homeland he drops his latest offering in ‘Bollywood mix.’


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