Q&A: Jay Sean Talks To Brit-Asian On New Mixtape ‘The Mistress’

Brit-Asian caught up with Jay Sean backstage at the London Mela on Sunday to grab some exclusives on his new mixtape, The Mistress, out today!

It’s been 4 years since you’ve graced the stage at the London Mela, how was it?

I’ve definitely felt a change. One thing I felt was the pride of the people. I feel that there is more pride and more people saying ‘Go Jay’ and I like that. I feel like that gives me what I need that to keep doing what I’m doing. I really appreciate that.

Tell us about the new mixtape – The Mistress…

The Mistress contains 13 original songs, a mixtape is usually when artists use other people’s beats and spit their own verse but the Mistress is actually like a new album!

The reason I’m calling it a mixtape is because it’s free! It’s a gift to my fans; I feel that over 9 years it’s an album I feel I wanted to write. It’s a sideline passion project, nothing to do with charts or chasing what’s on radio, it’s a straight R&B album, a whole album of slow jams!

How does it differ to what we’ve heard from you before?

On The Mistress, I’ve gone to places I’ve never been before lyrically, some topics are super controversial, some stuff is dark and very edgy. It’s quite heavy and very much grown up concepts.

Who would be Jay Sean’s ideal mistress?

Hahahahaha, probably Kim Kardashian, but she’s now married :(

With all this time in the USA, how Punjabi is Jay Sean?

[Pointing to wrist] This is my Kara, I wear it everyday, there’s no bling on this one! Punjabi is written all over my face, it’s my heart and how I carry my life.

Who would u like to work with?

I’ve worked with lots of people I’ve always wanted to work with like Lil Wayne but I’d still love to work with Eminem or Jay-Z!

Download The Mistress HERE!

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Q&A: Salman Khan Talks New Movie ‘Bodyguard’

Following the huge commercial success of Dabangg and Ready, Salman Khan is back with a bang with his forthcoming Eid release Bodyguard. 

Salman spoke to Brit-Asian’s Bollywood writer Supriya Davda about his latest venture…

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Video: Jay Sean Talks Hit The Lights, New Album & Confirms Rishi Rich Project Reunion!

Brit-Asian talks to Jay Sean about his new single featuring Lil Wayne, Hit The Lights, the new album Freeze Time and confirmation of a reunion between the Rishi Rich Project alongside Rishi Rich & Juggy D!

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New Video: Lady Gaga – Born This Way

New Video: Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated new video for ‘Born This Way’ is here!

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Q&A: Alesha Dixon Talks New Single With Jay Sean & The Way To Her Heart!

Q&A: Alesha Dixon Talks New Single With Jay Sean & The Way To Her Heart!

Brit-Asian sat down with Alesha Dixon at Warner Records offices in London to talk about the hot new single ‘Every Little Part Of Me’, working with Jay Sean on the record, the way to Alesha’s heart and the classic Mis-Teeq days.

See the interview below

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Q&A: Akshay Kumar Talks New Flick ‘Patiala House’

Q&A: Akshay Kumar Talks New Flick 'Patiala House'

Brit-Asian’s Bollywood Correspondent Supriya Davda sat down with Akshay Kumar to talk about his new movie ‘Patiala House’

How would you describe the plot of the film?

Patiala House is based in Southall London where the Kahlon extended family has lived for four generations. The movie follows my battle to follow my dream of becoming a fast-paced bowler for the England Cricket team, fighting the odds, although the cricket element of the film is incidental, and symbolic of something bigger, representing any dream or ambition one may hold in his or her heart. My character, Parghat Singh Kahlon, or ‘Gattu’, is the eldest son and runs the family corner store for a living. He is a dutiful son but also adamant about following his dreams.

Do you relate strongly with the character of Parghat Singh Kahlon?

Yes to a very great extent, I do. In a way I can say that Parghat Singh Kahlon or Gattu, as a character is an amalgamation of me as a person and my struggles in life.

Some years ago I went through the same situation, when I had a run of films that didn’t do so well. I thought I was finished. But then I did a film called ‘Jaanwar’, which I felt was my second chance in the industry. I did not give up but kept fighting and trying, because I knew this is exactly what I wanted and I was not one to quit without a fight. Today, I am glad my persistence paid off and I want everyone to take an example from this and keep going, just keep fighting. Patiala House represents me as a person; very strong-minded, respectful and loving. I wanted to make a success of my life, set myself some goals and worked hard to achieve those things from a young age. I never felt any job was beneath me, but while working in small jobs, I would continue to dream big and actively take steps towards achieving those dreams.

Read the rest of the interview under the cut

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Q&A: The Secret Life Of Jay Sean!

Q&A: The Secret Life Of Jay Sean!

The Independent Newspaper spoke with Jay Sean to get to know the singer-songwriter a bit more better since moving to the States!

My parents were… my biggest inspiration. I’ve seen them go through times of extreme adversity, but also have an amazing, flourishing business. They made sure they always raised us right.

The house/flat I grew up in… I was born and raised in Southall; we had two houses which we made into one big one because there were 12 of us living there: me and my bro, my parents, my grandparents, and my dad’s brother’s family.

When I was a child I wanted to be… I wanted to be a doctor originally; that was my realistic dream, because I knew how to get there. Being a pop star was my wild dream, a fantasy – there was no direct route.

If I could change one thing about myself…I have rather skinny legs – I blame my dad’s side of the family.

You wouldn’t know it but I am very good at… impressions. Not really famous people, I just do my friends; it’s quite annoying for them.

You may not know it but I’m no good at… I can’t cook. If it takes five minutes to eat it, what’s the point of spending an hour cooking it? I eat a lot of cereal and toast.

At night I dream of… I have wild, insane dreams. They’re like films, in colour. Yesterday I dreamt I had a daughter who was half-penguin.

What I see when I look in the mirror… I used to be a real fat boy when I was young. When I look in the mirror I still see this little chubby boy.

My favourite item of clothing… Shoes. I’m really into shoes. I have a couple of hundred pairs. The only reason I have two bedrooms in my place in Manhattan is so I have a room for all my shoes.

I drive… a BMW M6, which is my little baby.

It’s not fashionable but I like… Sylvester Stallone. I’m a huge fan, even of the really bad films. I’m a mega fan of the Rocky films, I watch them over and over again.

My house is… I have a house in Wimbledon which is a lovely, beautiful area, and a place in Hounslow: keeping it real. Also a flat in Manhattan which is incredible – it’s overlooking Times Square and the Empire State Building. I love being there, it’s a constant reminder I’ve made it.

My favourite work of art… The Sistine Chapel, just for what it stands for. It’d be a lot easier if he’d done it on the floor. But on the ceiling, it’s never going to be wiped out – genius.

A book that changed me… Believe That You Can by Jentezen Franklin. I just picked it up in an airport, but it’s so inspirational.

My greatest regret… I wish I had not quit playing the piano when I was younger. I was probably about 13, when it wasn’t cool to be going to piano lessons at lunch.

My secret crush… Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson – definitely.

My real-life villains… Air hostesses. Honestly, if you hate your job that much, why do you do it?

The person who really makes me laugh… Ricky Gervais. Nobody can make me laugh more than him.

The last time I cried… was a couple of days ago. My grandfather passed away, and it’s been hard. I was super-close to him, he was like a dad because we all lived together.

What’s the point? To make the most of it. You only have one shot at life, as far as we know, so why not go out with a bang?

My life in six words… living the dream and permanently jetlagged.

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Video: Interview With WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange!

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, spoke to US TV station CBS in his first major TV interview.

Assange is currently under US criminal investigation over the leaking of hundreds of thousands of secret military reports and diplomatic cables, described members of Wikileaks as “free press activists” and said the website did not have a political agenda.

Part One

See the rest of the interview under the cut!

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Q&A: ‘Dhobi Ghat’s’ Prateik Babbar Talks To Brit-Asian!

Q&A: ‘Dhobi Ghat’s’ Prateik Babbar Talks To Brit-Asian!

Newcomer Prateik Babbar made his mark when cast as a cameo in Aamir Khan Productions’ Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. The role garnered him huge popularity among Indian audiences especially the youth

Bollywood Reporter Supriya Davda speaks to debutant actor Prateik Babbar about Kiran Rao’s maiden directorial venture Dhobi Ghat.

See the full interview inside…

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