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News: Big B Says Aishwarya Wasn’t ‘Too Posh To Push!’

Amitabh Bachchan has denied stories that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had a caesarean section, saying Aishwarya had a normal delivery – without epidural or painkillers.

He tweeted: “The often coined phrase ‘too posh to push’ was put to rest in her case. She was determined to do it the way she felt was correct!”

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News: Abhishek Talks Parenthood & Aishwarya The ‘Bionic’ Mum!

Abhishek Bachchan has spoken about being a parent and understanding what it’s like being a father!

He also spoke about how Aishwarya Rai is coping much better with the early mornings, describing her as a ‘super trooper’ ‘bionic’ mother!

Abhishek tweeted the following message on his twitter page:

“How do women/mothers do it? I’m walking around like a zombie and the Mrs. Is like a super trooper with a bit of bionic woman thrown in!!!

Just as I step into fatherhood and parenthood, I’ve never seen myself rely and depend on my parents more. Guess that happens with every new Parent. And I finally understand why they still at the age of 35 treat me like a baby and cannot accept that I’m a grown man today.

Much like my father @SrBachchan I too spent the day observing every little thing about the little one. But my greatest observation I don’t think I’ll be any different.”

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News: Big B Describes Ash & Abhi’s New Baby Girl!

Amitabh Bachchan is nothing but thrilled with the news of his new granddaughter that he describes her features on his blog!

“The soft innocence of nature rests in my arms, oblivious of what else happens around her. Occasionally she opens her large and what looks now to be eyes of the lighter hue, which those that have dealt with similar, know shall change with time,” he said.

“Often the gentlest of smiles quiver across her pouted upper lip, the shut eyes bringing expression through the brows and the settling down to that dream she must dream. I stare at her in silence. She reciprocates in similar vein. It is too delicate a moment,” he added.

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News: Shah Rukh Ecstatic To See Ash & Abhi’s Baby & Dance With Big B!

Shah Rukh Khan congratulated Abhishek & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on their arrival of a baby girl and said he cannot wait to see the baby!

“@juniorbachchan how beautiful is this feeling. Allah bless u and Aish. Dying to come & see the three of u…YAY!!!! Now u really r PA lov u” Shah Rukh tweeted.

 Shah Rukh also sent his congratulations to Amitabh Bachchan and wants a dance with him!

“@SrBachchan yippeeee!!! All love & health & happiness…this is Masha Allah absolutely beautiful. Bless u Sir. This calls for a dance!!!” Srk tweeted.

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News: Bollywood Congratulate Ash & Abhi On Birth Of Baby!

Bollywood all congratulated Aishwarya Rai & Abhishek Bachchan on their arrival of a baby girl!

Karan Johar: Congratulations!! Baby B had a baby girl!! @juniorbachchan!!! All the love and happiness…am sure she will be the prettiest girl ever!!!

Bipasha Basu: OMG! So excited Baby B is daddy to a li’l Angel! Congrats Ash n @juniorbachchan and to the entire family! Welcome sweet baby girl:)

Javed Akhtar: @SrBachchan. Congratulations Amitabh ji, this has evoked my memory of the day when Shweta was born. Time flies and how swiftly!! Anupam Kher: CONGRATULATIONS @juniorbachchan and Ash. So so Happy. May the new arrival in the family bring more happiness, joy and peace. Love.:)

Arjun Rampal: Congratulations daddy cool @juniorbachchan and the coolest Dadaji @SrBachchan and the most beautiful mommy Ash and the lovely dadi Jayaji.

Sonam Kapoor: CONGRATULATIONS @SrBachchan and @juniorbachchan!! I’m so so excited for you! Lots and lots of love and happiness! Raveena Tandon: @SrBachchan CONGRATULATIONS my dearest Amitji! Love to ash and Abhishek!! God bless the li’l Angel!

Celina Jaitley: Very happy for the Bachchan family…They have a little angel fairy amidst them…She is gonna be gorgeous :)

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News: Aishwarya Rai Gives Birth To Baby Girl!

Aishwarya Rai has given birth to a baby girl!

Husband Abhishek Bachchan tweeted “It’s a girl!,” at 4.22am!

Father-in-law Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan also tweeted: “I am Dada (grandfather) to the cutest baby girl”.

Amitabh was “ecstatic” to be a grandfather and thanked all those who sent out congratulatory messages.

Congrats to Ash & The Bachchan Familia!



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News: Aishwarya Rai Checks In For Delivery!

It’s been reported that Aishwarya Rai has checked into Seven Hills Hospital for the delivery of her baby in the early hours of Monday morning.

“Yes, she checked into the hospital late last night,” Ash’s spokesperson confirmed

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News: Aishwarya Rai Set To Give Birth Tonight?

News: Aishwarya Rai Set To Give Birth Tonight?

It’s been reported that Aishwarya Rai will get admitted later on tonight for delivery of her baby.

“The family gathers together from all over as we wait for the ‘arrival’ .. Greatest joy for me – a full house and the ‘chahel – pahel’” says the latest tweet from Aishwarya’s father-in-law, the legendary Amitabh Bachchan.

The Seven Hills Hospital is where the Bachchan Baby is due to arrive!

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News: Aishwarya Rai Books Out Hospital For Birth!

Aishwarya Rai and the Bachchans have reportedly booked a luxury hospital suite at the Seven Hills Hospital in the Marol-Andheri area of Mumbai. The booking is supposedly from November 10 to 15, which means that Ash’s due date definitely falls between this time.

There’s been speculation that the baby will be born on November 11, 2011 (11-11-2011)

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News: Happy 38th Birthday Aishwarya Rai!

News: Happy 38th Birthday Aishwarya Rai!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan turns 38 today, and is also expecting her first baby very soon. Mid-November is the due-date for Ash!

For today, the Bachchans reportedly have a massive celebration planned at Jalsa, their home in Mumbai. It is apparently going to be a private affair this evening, with family and close friends attending – much like the recent Godh Bharai ceremony for the actress.

It’s been reported Aishwarya planned to start the day by visiting a temple (which she does every year), but it might happen that the Bachchans will just have a puja at home for her.

Abhishek has worked around his schedule to be free this evening to enjoy the party with Ash.

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