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News: Sonam Kapoor, Akshay Kumar & Bollywood Pay Tribute To Amy Winehouse!

Sonam Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Celina Jaitley and other Bollywood stars paid tribute to Amy Winehouse after hearing of her passing late on Saturday evening.

Sonam Kapoor: “#rip Amy winehouse for all the demons you faced I hope you at last have found your peace. I loved your big voice and your music. love & peace.

“Kurt cobain, jimi Hendrix, jim Morrison and now Amy winehouse all a part of Club27

Akshay Kumar said, “I think, 2day many people wish that the talented Amy Winehouse didnt say “No No No” 2 Rehab. Such a shame to lose such a young Artist to what the world knew was inevitable. RIP AmyWinehouse”

Celina Jaitly: “I cannot beleive Amy Winehouse is no more … I just cannot believe it much talent .. gone forever…

“Dear Amy u were and will always be loved by us who loved ur music ..may ur troubled soul find solace back at the maestros kingdom!”

Sophie Choudry: “I cannot believe Amy Winehouse is no more.Totally heartbroken. 27 & so much more music to give. RIP.”

Pooja Bhatt tweeted: “Amy Winehouse found dead… Tragic… 27 is no age to die…”

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News: Russell Peters, Drake & Akshay Kumar Star In New Hollywood Flick!

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, Bend It Like Beckham star Anupam Kher, comedian Russell Peters and rappers Drake & Ludacris all come together to star in new Hollywood ice hockey flick ‘Breakaway’.

Breakaway is a touching story about a young Indian ice hockey player who wants to get into the big league.” Akshay Kumar said

“I am introducing Vinay Virmani, who is a very good ice hockey player in real life as well. The film is about an Indian family wanting to break the stranglehold the whites have abroad in sports.” Akshay added.

The movie is being financed by Akshay’s production house ‘Hari Om’.

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New Video: Akshay Kumar & Sonam Kapoor “Full Volume”

Check out Akshay Kumar & Sonam Kapoor in their new music video ‘Full Volume’ taken from their new movie ‘Thank You’.

The flick is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a young tennis player, played by Sonam Kapoor, who falls in love with a playboy, portrayed by Akshay Kumar!

The movie is slated for release April 8th

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News: Akshay Kumar Reveals Work-Life Balance Secret!

News: Akshay Kumar Reveals Work-Life Balance Secret!

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar knows how to manage his personal and professional life and reveals his secret on the perfect balance.

“I take one month off every year. Every three months I take seven-eight days off and I don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays. I do these things to manage my personal and professional life and I’ve been able to manage that well and strike a balance,” the 43-year-old revealed.

Akshay is currently working on new flicks ‘Thank You’, ‘Desi Boyz’, ‘Joker’ and ‘Housefull 2′.

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Q&A: Akshay Kumar Talks New Flick ‘Patiala House’

Q&A: Akshay Kumar Talks New Flick 'Patiala House'

Brit-Asian’s Bollywood Correspondent Supriya Davda sat down with Akshay Kumar to talk about his new movie ‘Patiala House’

How would you describe the plot of the film?

Patiala House is based in Southall London where the Kahlon extended family has lived for four generations. The movie follows my battle to follow my dream of becoming a fast-paced bowler for the England Cricket team, fighting the odds, although the cricket element of the film is incidental, and symbolic of something bigger, representing any dream or ambition one may hold in his or her heart. My character, Parghat Singh Kahlon, or ‘Gattu’, is the eldest son and runs the family corner store for a living. He is a dutiful son but also adamant about following his dreams.

Do you relate strongly with the character of Parghat Singh Kahlon?

Yes to a very great extent, I do. In a way I can say that Parghat Singh Kahlon or Gattu, as a character is an amalgamation of me as a person and my struggles in life.

Some years ago I went through the same situation, when I had a run of films that didn’t do so well. I thought I was finished. But then I did a film called ‘Jaanwar’, which I felt was my second chance in the industry. I did not give up but kept fighting and trying, because I knew this is exactly what I wanted and I was not one to quit without a fight. Today, I am glad my persistence paid off and I want everyone to take an example from this and keep going, just keep fighting. Patiala House represents me as a person; very strong-minded, respectful and loving. I wanted to make a success of my life, set myself some goals and worked hard to achieve those things from a young age. I never felt any job was beneath me, but while working in small jobs, I would continue to dream big and actively take steps towards achieving those dreams.

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