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News: Amir Khan Talks Recent Private Life Allegations & B’ham Gang Attack!

Ahead of Amir Khan’s bout with Carlos Molina next month, Khan talked about recent newspaper ‘cheating’ claims on his fiancée and his recent issue in Birmingham where he fought off a gang of thugs!

The confrontation ended abruptly with one of the would-be thieves being knocked out cold by Khan.

‘I walked out of this café and I opened the car door and these guys jumped in the car ahead of me and said “This ain’t your car mate,”‘ Khan said.

It was a courtesy car I’d be given so at first I did a double take and thought, “Maybe it’s not my car”. Then I saw something in the back seat that I’d put there and I knew it was my car. Then the guys started saying – “We’re not getting out the car. You’re going to have to buy it off us”. I had the car keys so I wasn’t too worried. I thought it was a joke. But then it got a bit serious and one guy came out aggressively and said “What are going to do?” And he jabbed me in the face. It wasn’t hard. He barely scratched me really. He tried to swing again and I knocked him out.”

I hated it to be honest with you. I never fight outside the ring. We’re born fighters, we’re taught how to fight.

‘So when someone tries to fight you they’re making a big mistake. That’s when it got messy because they came out with baseball bats and sticks and smashed the rear window. They must have been drunk or high or something.’

Meanwhile Khan, who is engaged to New York student Faryal Makhdoom, has shrugged off revelations about his private life after allegations in The Sun he had been partying hard with other women in Marbella in August.

‘She’s cool, she knows the truth because I didn’t do anything honestly,’ Khan said. ‘She doesn’t believe anything that the papers say because I’m honest to her. I don’t lie and she knows there’s always going to be stuff written about me.

It’s a distraction when you’re preparing for a fight. But my fiancée and my family haven’t really spoken to me about it.’


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News: Amir Khan ‘Cheats On Fiancée With Two Marbella Girls!’

It’s been reported by the Sun Newspaper that boxer Amir Khan fooled around with two girls whilst on holiday in Marbella with friends.

Solicitor Tanya Reed, told the paper how the boxer had kissed her in a hot tub once she’d stripped down to her underwear:

‘I’d left my shoes on so I didn’t lose them but he ripped them off and threw them out of the pool. Then he started kissing me and I thought ‘I’m kissing Amir Khan.’ she said.

The 26-year-old then admitted that she hadn’t realised that the star had a girlfriend:

‘Now I know he’s engaged I think he’s an absolute slimebag. I feel sorry for her. If I could say anything to her, it would be ‘Don’t marry him because he is a cheat,’ she said.

It’s also been reported that the former world champ, chatted up promotions girl Natalie Kane, at a pool party on the same evening.

‘Natalie and Amir were together most of the day. He was pouring champagne in her mouth and at one point they slipped in the pool together,’ said a source.

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News: Amir Khan Eyes Bout With Ricky Hatton?

Ricky Hatton is set to announce his comeback and Amir Khan’s manager Asif Vali has told the Daily Mirror that Amir may move up in weight in order to fight his close friend Hatton.

‘I’ve spoken to Amir about this before and while he and Ricky are good friends, he knows boxing is a business,’ said Vali.

‘A fight between Amir and Ricky would be huge. It would be a massive super-fight. It could sell 100,000 at Wembley and everyone would want to see it.

‘I’m sure they could put their friendship to one side for 12 weeks for this fight.

‘Ricky’s bound to be asked that question at his press conference on Friday, and if the opportunity for them to fight arises, then who knows what will happen?’


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News: Amir Khan Vows To Comeback Stronger After Defeat!

Amir Khan plans to reconquer the light-welterweight division after his recent defeat to Danny Garcia.

Khan today released a statement outlining his determination to reclaim his titles after taking a break to take stock of his position.

“I’m going to spend the next few weeks relaxing during Ramadan and recharging my batteries after what was a 16-week training camp for me,” the statement read.

“I’ll then sit down with my team to assess the options in front of me.

“Well done to Danny Garcia on his performance, but I promise I’ll bounce back stronger than ever as I look to regain my spot at the top of the 140lb division.

“Many fighters down the years have bounced back from defeat to prove their greatness and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

“I’ve never shirked any challenge or refused to fight anyone in my division even though it would have been easy for me to do so.

“Some say that attitude is the wrong one to have but I’ve always wanted to please the fans and be involved in exciting fights.

“It’s only right that you get to see the best fighting the best, especially in an age when so many top fighters hand-pick opponents.”

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News: Amir Khan Knocked Out In Fourth Round By Danny Garcia!

Amir Khan suffered another defeat as he was stopped in round four by unbeaten American Danny Garcia in Las Vegas.

Khan was knocked down three times as Garcia claimed Khan’s WBA light-welterweight belt and held on to his WBC title.

After a strong start, Khan was floored in the third by a counter and could not recover from shots in round four.

“We got a little complacent and he took advantage,” Khan said.

“It wasn’t my night. After watching the replays a little bit I thought I was coming in with my hands down.

“I respect Danny, he was countering very well against me.”

Garcia, 24, said: “We knew Khan was going to come out fast because he thought I had no power but I waited and stepped up to use the power and speed I have, and it worked.

“I was going to fight until the death, just like he did. Now I want to continue to fight the best.”

Before the bout Khan was tipping a match with Floyd Mayweather, but this defeat casts significant doubt on his plans of moving up to the welterweight division.


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Picture This: Amir Khan Sorry For Posing Next To Pole Dancer With Wad Of Cash!

Picture This: Amir Khan Sorry For Posing Next To Pole Dancer With Wad Of Cash!

Amir Khan has said sorry for posting a photo of him holding a wad of cash in front of a woman dancing on a pole in a Las Vegas nightclub.

The former world champion, who is a devout Muslim, put the photo on Twitter with the accompanying message reading: ‘Let’s play lol.’

Amir deleted the picture after followers accused him of being disrespectful to his fiancée Faryal Makhdoom and setting a bad example to fellow Muslims.

Miss Makhdoom, 20, tweeted ‘Everyone needs to take a chill pill. I am aware of everything my man does. Thanks for the concern. However, there’s a big difference between a strip club & a normal club. After reading some reviews on Vegas Guy – most clubs in Vegas do have pole dancers, not just strip clubs. lol. Even I knew that. lol.

Khan sent apology below…

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News: Boxer Amir Khan Labelled As ‘Overrated’

Amir Khan has told Angel Garcia – the father of Danny Garcia – he “will beat his son” after Khan was labelled as overrated by Danny’s father.

“First of all, Khan is an overrated fighter,” said Angel Garcia, who trains his son, Danny.

“There’s a lot of fighters out there who are rated and we are going to execute every single one of them. We’re coming out here to fight the best.”

Garcia Snr also interrupted Khan during his time with the microphone, not allowing the Bolton boxer to speak at times.

“First of all, Khan got knocked out in Europe. That happens, that happens to the best,” he said.

“Second of all, Peterson whooped him like an octopus, hit him from all kind of angles – and then he [Khan] blamed it on the judges.

“When Danny starts hitting you with these hammers, what are you going to start to blame it on? The gloves will have rocks in them? What are you going to do? One-two, roll out, all night?”

Danny’s father does a lot of talking, but at the end of the day he’s not the one who’s going to be in the ring,” said Khan.

“You can keep saying what you want – that I’m overrated and I’m no good – but when I beat your son, am I still going to be overrated?”

Khan’s words came after Angel Garcia opened the press conference with a series of negative remarks about the former champion.

Khan and Garcia met in Los Angeles to officially announce their WBC light-welterweight title fight on 14 July.

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News: Amir Khan Vs Lamont Peterson Rematch Is Called Off!

Amir Khan’s rematch with Lamont Peterson has been called off after the American tested positive for a banned substance.

Amir Khan tweeted moments ago the following message:

“The fight is off! sorry everyone the only person to blame is @kingpete26 I’ll be looking for a opponent to fight June 30th”

A statement on the Golden Boy Promotions  website confirmed the fight has been called off.

It read: “A failed pre-fight drug test administered by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), coupled with the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s (NSAC) legal inability to hold a formal hearing on the matter of licensing Lamont Peterson for his Saturday, May 19 rematch against Amir Khan until Tuesday, May 15, has forced the cancellation of the event.”

Golden Boy Promotions chief executive Richard Schaefer confirmed earlier this week that Peterson tested positive from the A and B samples taken in March, but gave a negative test in follow-up samples from 13 April.

A statement from Peterson’s camp said they would submit medical findings to the commission “reflecting the facts in support of Lamont’s good faith intentions” in the hope of securing the licence needed to fight in Nevada.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Khan said: ‘First of all I’m disappointed because I trained very hard for this fight.

‘It was only 10 days away from the fight where my dad came knocking on my bedroom door and said to me “look, Lamont Peterson’s failed his drug test and the fight’s no longer going to happen”.

‘It was a big shock for me. My head was all over the place, I really, really wanted to win my titles back and have the fight. But the truth’s come out now and it just proves that Lamont Peterson was a cheat really.

‘It hurt me more than anything because I really did want to go in there and put on a performance and show the world how good Amir Khan is.’

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Picture This: Amir Khan Covers Ponystep’s ‘Best Of British’ Issue!

Ponystep magazine salutes 5 iconic Brits Amir Khan, Joan Collins, Jourdan Dunn,  Georgia May, and Daphne Guinness!

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News: Amir Khan Wants To Retire At 28 And Get Fat!

Amir Khan has revealed plans to quit boxing after he turns 28.

Khan, 25, told Esquire magazine,  ‘I’m not even at my peak yet. I’m already a two-time world champion, winning it again is not a problem.’

But he added: ‘By 28 I’ll have done everything I want in boxing and I can sit back, chill and get fat.’

Amir got engaged to 20-year-old New York student Faryal Makhdoom last month and says he doesn’t want his kids to become boxers, but would rather seem them become footballers!

‘They can train, but I wouldn’t want them to go into a fight. I don’t know how my parents do it and, actually, my mum can’t do it anymore.

‘My kids can be football players instead.’ he said.

See Amir Khan’s interview in the April issue of Esquire

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