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News: John Abraham Says Split With Bipasha ‘Matured’ Him!

John Abraham has said that his break-up with Bipasha Basu has made him more “mature”.

“I have become mature in life. I must say that every relationship helps you to grow in life and makes you mature.” John said.

“If today I am sitting here and discussing about my personal life which I had never done before, you can easily gauge how much I am enjoying my space and time now.”

Abraham added: “I am happy that now I have time for myself and my ailing parents. They are not keeping well and I am devoting all my time to them.”

The pair were together for 10 years and split earlier this year!


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News: Bipasha Is Not Dating Ranbir Kapoor!

Bipasha Basu has reacted to reports that she is dating/wooing actor Ranbir Kapoor!

“Woke up to a news report that says ‘Am wooing Ranbir’! Bizarre! Just because I love ‘Rockstar’ trailer and I tweeted about it!” Bipsha posted on her Twitter page.

“Ranbir (Kapoor) is an awesome guy but I don’t need to woo him like this. I like to be wooed, I dont need to woo anyone for that matter,” she added.

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News: Bipasha: I Don’t Miss John!

News: Bipasha: I Don't Miss John!

Bipasha Basu has said she doesn’t miss ex-boyfriend John Abraham after they split after 8 years together!

“Nobody plans a break up or any negative thing in your life, when it happens you deal with it, life is such that it teaches you, it heals you and you move on. I don’t miss John,” Bipasha said.

Do you believe Bipasha doesn’t miss John?!

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News: Bipasha, Hrithik, Sonam & Lara Wish Fans Happy Independence Day!

India celebrates Independence Day today and Bollywood’s top stars from Bipasha Basu, Sonam Kapoor & Hrithik Roshan all wished a Happy Independence day to all Indians around the world on twitter!

Sonam Kapoor: Happy Independence Day. The best thing about me is that I’m an Indian. My country is the strongest wisest and the most peaceful! #proudindian”

Lara Dutta: “Little nieces just came back from hoisting the Indian Tiranga at school. Miss that ritual! Have a wonderful Independence Day Folks!”

Bipasha Basu: “Proud to be an Indian independent girl.Happy independence Day!Let’s all value d efforts of all the brave ppl who fought fr our independence!” Hrithik Roshan: “My fondest independence day celebration has got 2 b d one I got 2 celebrate with all d Just Dance contestants tonite. They are all such beautiful people. They together performed for india and some of d concepts were truly hair raising! I laughed, cried, danced n even sang though completely out of tune but in the true spirit of freedom- I didn’t care. Enjoy!”

Karan Johar: “Respect your independence first then celebrate it…protect your nation first then love it…JAI HIND!!!”

A R Rahman wrote, “Satyameva Jayathe… For the future!”

Riteish Deshmukh: “Happy Independence Day-So proud to be an Indian-Together we celebrate our Unity -Indianess is d only religion we follow-JAI HIND. BORN INDIAN – WILL LIVE INDIAN – WILL DIE INDIAN.”

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News: Bipasha ‘Split With John A Year Ago’

News: Bipasha 'Split With John A Year Ago'

Bipasha Basu is fed up with reports saying she’s heartbroken on her split with long time boyfriend John Abraham.

Bips went on to say there’s no point in talking about a break-up that happened “almost a year ago”.

“Waking up to stories about my life everyday is no fun! Making me sound tragic when I am in a happy place is not ok with me!” Bipasha posted on her Twitter page.

My relationship with John Abraham is over fr good, fr reasons knwn best to d both of us,” Bipasha added.

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News: Shahid Kapoor & Bipasha Basu In A Secret Relationship?

News: Shahid Kapoor & Bipasha Basu In A Secret Relationship?

Shahid Kapoor & Bipasha Basu have reportedly been dating for the past month.

“For over a month now, Bipasha has been talking about a very sweet guy in her life. She’s been telling friends that he’s an eligible young man and has been showering her with gifts and some much-needed attention,” said a source.

“Obviously they are only just getting to know each other, so Bips doesn’t want to jinx it by talking openly about Shahid,” added the insider.

The pair originally met through the Shahid’s gym trainer!

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News: Bipasha’s New Body Piercing!

Bipasha Basu has done what no Bollywood actress has done and had her navel pierced!

The star reveals that it’s something she’s wanted to do since her teenage years.

“From d age of 16 wanted 2 get a navel piercing! Finally, I gt guts 2 do it! Looks great bt it heals slowly! Can’t workout much fr d next 15days!” Bipasha posted on her Twitter page.

Bipasha also opened up a little on her break up with John Abraham.

“Everyone needs to get over their fears! So whoever is scared of whatever its time to see eye to eye with all that u fear and overcome it!” she advised her friends and fans

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Flicks: The IIFA Awards 2011 In Pictures!

Shah Rukh Khan, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra & Karan Johar all stole the show at the 12th International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards in Toronto on Saturday (June 25) night.

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Flicks: Bipasha, Shah Rukh, Sonu Nigam & Jermaine Jackson Light Up IIFA Awards ’11!

Shah Rukh Khan, Bipasha Basu, Sonu Nigam & Jermaine Jackson have been the highlights of the IIFA Awards on Day 1 & Day 2 so far.

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News: Bipasha Denies Ranbir Romance!

News: Bipasha Denies Ranbir Romance!

Bipasha Basu has denied she is romantically involved with Ranbir Kapoor.

“Even when Ranbir was dating Deepika and Katrina, he usually confided in Bipasha about everything. Likewise, she would also share her innermost thoughts and fears with him. ” said a source from Times Of India.

“Obviously, post [Bipasha's] break-up, one of the people she has been confiding in is Ranbir.”

However, Bips denied the rumours, reiterating that they are just friends.

Bips & Ranbir first appeared together in the 2008 romance movie Bachna Ae Haseeno.

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