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Video: Jermaine Jackson Talks Conrad Murray Verdict!

Jermaine Jackson shares how he felt when the Conrad Murray guilty verdict was announced and the plan ahead for MJ’s kids.


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News: Michael Jackson’s Doctor Found Guilty Of Manslaughter!

Michael Jackson’s private doctor was found guilty today of killing the King of Pop.

Dr Conrad Murray faces up to four years behind bars after a jury in Los Angeles convicted him of involuntary manslaughter after just ten hours of deliberations over two days.

The defence painted him as a caring cardiologist battling against the odds to help his celebrity patient from self-destructing.

But after six weeks of evidence, the seven men and five women jurors agreed on one crucial factor – that Murray was responsible for Jackson’s death.


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News: Jacko Would Have Been Alive If Doctor Rang 911!

News: Jacko Would Have Been Alive If Doctor Rang 911!

Michael Jackson could still be alive if his doctor Conrad Murray hadn’t been grossly negligent in providing the basic standards of care to the King of Pop on the day he died, a court heart today.

Cardiologist Dr Alon Steinberg listed six ‘extreme deviations’ in Conrad Murray’s treatment that had a direct impact on the 50-year-old ‘Thriller’ star’s death.

‘If these deviations didn’t happen, Mr Jackson could have been alive,’ Dr Steinberg told jurors at Los Angeles Superior Court.

Steinberg told the court that Murray:

* Should not have used Propofol, a powerful hospital anaesthetic, to treat Jackson’s chronic insomnia.

* Should not have given Jackson Propofol in a home without the proper equipment, medical personnel or back-up.

* Did not make sufficient preparations in case of an emergency.

* Botched Jackson’s care after his breathing stopped, ‘inexcusably’ giving CPR with one hand on a bed. He should have tried to get air into Jackson’s lungs after the star stopped breathing rather than try jump-start his heart which was still beating and should have used two hands for CPR on a hard surface, said the doctor.

* Took much too long to call 911 after Jackson stopped breathing, especially since it only took paramedics four minutes to reach the scene of the emergency.

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Audio: Michael Jackson Speaking Under Influence Of Propofol!

An audio recording was made by Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, on his iPhone using an iTalk application and prosecutors claim it was taped while the star was under the influence of the hospital anaesthetic Propofol.

Michael is heard saying how much he loved his children and how great he wanted to make the London shows.

‘Elvis didn’t do it. Beatles didn’t do it. We have to be phenomenal. When people leave the show, when people leave my show, I want them to say, “I’ve never seen nothing like this in my life”,’ he said.

He said he wanted his fans to hail him as ‘the greatest entertainer in the world.’ he added.

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Video: MJ Bodyguard: ‘Conrad Murray Told Me To Hide Drugs’

Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard has appeared in court to testify on day three of the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial.

Alberto Alvarez recalled seeing a saline bag containing a 125ml bottle of what appeared to be the powerful drug propofol in the moments leading up to Jackson’s death.

“I recall that while I was detaching [the saline bag] from the IV stand, the bag was at my eye level so I was able to notice that there was a bottle inside the bag,” he told the court.

“I was able to notice at the bottom of the bag what appeared to me like a milky white substance.” He then confirmed that the item inside the bag was a propofol bottle.

Alvarez, who was the first person to discover Jackson unconscious after Murray tried to resuscitate him, claimed that Murray told him to put vials of medicine in a bag before calling 911. Alvarez said that he trusted Murray’s actions as he was a doctor.


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