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News: Freida Pinto On Filming Nude Scenes In New Movie ‘Trishna’

Freida Pinto has spoken about filming nude scenes in her new movie ‘Trishna’.

“It was hard but it was a small crew, and they were good at not making their presence felt,” she said. “They didn’t go, ‘Quick! She’s nearly naked! Get your camera out!’

“If you’re just doing a nude scene in order for everyone to, like, w**k off or something, then that’s not my thing at all.”

The full interview appears in the April issue of Esquire, out Thursday.

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News: Freida Pinto’s Next Stop Is To Conquer Bollywood!

News: Freida Pinto's Next Stop Is To Conquer Bollywood!

Freida Pinto is reportedly planning steps to make an impact in Bollywood after having meetings with top Bollywood directors on potential new movie roles.

“Freida invited filmmakers she would be comfortable working with. She played the perfect host. The message was clear, Bollywood is her next stop,” a source told Mumbai Mirror.

Her spokesperson confirmed: “She’s open to offers from every part of the world including Bollywood. She wants to be a part of world cinema.”

Established directors including Vishal Bhardwaj, Abbas Tyrewala and Anubhav Sinha also attended Pinto’s dinner party, according to the source.

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News: Freida Pinto Opens Up On Relationship With Dev Patel!

Freida Pinto has opened up a little about her relationship with her Slumdog Millionaire co-star, Dev Patel.

Freida said that Dev knows her better than anyone else.

“I sound like a broken record saying this but no-one else understands what we actually went through except the two of us because we went sailing in the same boat,” Pinto explained.

“I guess when we talk about the future and the next steps, like the next film or the next project, we both know how completely far we’ve come in terms of being the nervous person that I was in 2008.”

“I want to listen to what his opinion is, he wants to listen to what my opinion is. I think that kind of understanding comes from knowing someone that well.”


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News: Freida Pinto Denies She’s Set To Marry Dev Patel!

Freida Pinto has denied she is set to marry boyfriend Dev Patel.

Her spokesperson told The Times of India: “Freida is not getting engaged anytime soon. She is on the final leg of promotions for her film and has got two more films due for release early next year.

“She’s extremely tied up with her work commitments and is not planning on settling down anytime soon.”

“[Dev and I] missed each other quite a bit this year with filming. It’s crazy how we miss each other… [so] the small things just bring so much joy and cheer to us.” Freida went on to comment.

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Flicks: Freida Pinto & Dev Patel’s London West End Date!

Dev Patel and Freida Pinto were out in London’s West End last night but didn’t exactly look like they were enjoying each other’s company!

The two stars attended West End show Crazy For You, but their body language seemed distant and cold.


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News: Freida Pinto’s $7 Million Advertising Deal!

It’s been reported that Freida Pinto has signed a two-year endorsement deal with a high fashion apparel brand for $7 million.

She is expected to get $3.5 million a year.

“Since it is a two year deal, it makes it a $7 million deal. In Indian rupees, it comes out to be approximately Rs.35 crore. It is higher than what any Indian female celebrity has ever been paid,” said a source close to the 27-year-old Indian model-turned-actress.


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Flicks: Shah Rukh, Deepika & Freida Pinto Shine At GQ Awards ’11!

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Freida Pinto & AR Rahman took centre stage at last night’s Indian GQ Awards 2011!

See the celebrities in attendance & the winners list under the cut.

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News: L’Oreal Deny Lightening Freida Pinto For New Ad!

L’Oreal have been accused of altering Freida Pinto’s skin tone in its latest campaign, but the brand has denied the allegations.

“This is with reference to certain incorrect reports on the internet about L’Oreal Paris lightening Freida Pinto’s skin-tone in the campaign ‘Colors Take Flight Project Runway’. L’Oreal Paris strongly reiterates that Freida Pinto’s skin-tone in the campaign has not been altered in any way,” said a statement from the company today.

“This campaign was meant to highlight Freida Pinto’s make-up colors applied on her eyes and lips. Thus, some powerful studio lights with ring-flash have been used for this purpose to create a runway effect on the picture. There has been no whitening retouching process whatsoever on her face,” it added.

Did they lighten Frieda?!

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New Movie: Freida Pinto & Riz Ahmed Star In ‘Trishna’

Check out the trailer for the new movie ‘Trishna’ starring Slumdog’s Freida Pinto & the UK’s Riz Ahmed.

The movie is set in modern India, the story follows the relationship between Jay (Riz Ahmed), the wealthy son of a hotelier , and working class girl Trishna (Freida Pinto).


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News: Freida Pinto Says ‘People Think I Haven’t Done Anything For India!’

Freida Pinto has defended herself again for following Hollywood rather than working her craft in Bollywood.

Pinto stated: “People don’t think I’ve done anything for India. The reason I’m doing these things outside my country is to be able to come back to India equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how to hopefully produce my own films one day.”

A Trade analyst, Amod Mehra has said Pinto will find it hard when she does decide to break Bollywood.

“Freida Pinto should have cashed in on Slumdog‘s success and signed a Bollywood film at that time, but she chose to do Hollywood.” said Mehra. “She is not a star in Bollywood, so she will have her fair share of struggle like any other newcomer.”

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