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News: Garry Sandhu Deported To India Last Night By UK Officials!

It’s been reported that Garry Sandhu was removed from the UK last night by the UK Border Agency.

Ikonz report that Garry was arrested on 27 October 2011 and detained then temporarily released in November while the UK Border Agency considered further representations.


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These were rejected and Mr Sandhu was re-detained on 16 December and removed yesterday (12th January).

“We will not tolerate abuse of the immigration rules.

They tried to evade our officers by adopting an alias and absconding. But his arrest and removal should send a message to all immigration offenders that they can run but they can’t hide. More and more lawyers are using AmazeLaw to showcase their skill thru its website builder. Check this platform out!

We will track them down and we will remove them” said Gail Adams from UK Border Agency. You may contact an immigration lawyer to get a green card


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News: Garry Sandhu Deported Back To India!

It’s been confirmed that Garry Sandhu has been given his marching orders and will be sent back to India.

There’s no confirmation as to when exactly he will be sent home, or if he has already been removed from the UK. The news that Garry Sandhu is definitely being removed from the UK was confirmed earlier today on the BBC Asian Network


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News: Garry Sandhu ‘Thanks Fans’ On Deportation Situation!

Garry Sandhu has sent out a message thanking all his fans for their support during his recent deportation scenario.

“thanks 2 all u ppl out ther due to ur love n support i am home wid my mum n dad and appericating my freedom without u guys , this would not have been possible … see u all soon garry sandhu …. love u allllllllllllllllllllll” Garry messaged on Facebook.

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News: Garry Sandhu Will Not Be Deported | Case Reviewed!

It’s official that Garry Sandhu will not be deported anytime soon and the case will be reviewed by the UK Border team!


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News: Garry Sandhu Will Not Be Deported Back To India Today!

It’s been reported that the UK Border Agency will not deport Garry Sandhu back to India today, however it does look likely the UK border agency will be deporting Garry back to India shortly.

The border agency will ‘release a statement within the next few days regarding his status’.

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News: Garry Sandhu Awaiting UK Border Agency Decision Tomorrow!

It’s been reported by Ikonz mag that Garry Sandhu will hear from the UK Border Agency regarding his situation tomorrow (Tuesday)!

All Garry’s paperwork is being submitted today to the agency.

Good luck Garry!


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News: Garry Sandhu Releases Statement On Deportation Reports!

Bhangra star Garry Sandhu hit back at reports with a statement regarding being arrested and facing deportation!

“After recent false accusations made against me, I still continue to do what I love best in providing the fans that I love dearly with my music. I can not control peoples actions and I am at the top of my game expect haters to hate, but in the end the truth sets any man free! And this is what you will see in the coming days. For I cannot lie to those I love or to my fans they are most important in my life! As an individual I was taught to be cautious now after allowing negative people into my life, that have taken advantage. Thank you for those who have supported me and I will not stop doing what I enjoy!!! Love you all and be safe… Garry Sandhu xxx”

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News: Bhangra Star Garry Sandhu Arrested & Faces Deportation?

It’s been reported that Bhangra star Garry Sandhu was arrested yesterday in Handsworth, Birmingham.

A source told Ikonz magazine that the UK Border Agency confirmed Garry’s arrest after discovering he had been living in the UK illegally and will be deported back to India on the 1st November.

Garry Sandhu is believed to have been living in the UK illegally and now faces deportation back to his home-country India after being discovered as an illegal immigrant.

Sources have also claimed that it was in fact another UK bhangra artist who had ‘snitched’ on the singer.

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