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Video: Jennifer Lopez Cries Over Contestant On American Idol!

Jennifer Lopez got emotional over an early American IdolĀ favorite being voted out on this weeks US episode.

JLO said the new idol role made her feel vulnerable.

“This is all new to me,” she explained.

“I’m used to having a script in a movie, or a big performance with a cane and a microphone, and I have all kinds of stuff going on… You’re [not always] getting me.”

Lopez added: “This is the first experience where I feel like people are getting to know who I am as a person.

“It’s such a vulnerable place to be.”

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News: Jennifer Lopez’s Cousin Enters Bollywood!

JLo’s cousin Caterina Lopez has secured a part in a Bollywood film

Times of India report the performer will feature in a song sequence for Bhindi Bazaar Inc..

Caterina revealed: “When they approached me for this sexy item number, I jumped up at it. And this gave me the perfect chance to come and work in Mumbai, which is the New York of India.”

“I’d love to do a full-fledged role in a Bollywood film soon,” she added.

Lopez said Shah Rukh Khan is her favourite actor saying: “I think he is very charming and I’ve had this big crush on him. I hope to meet him soon.”

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