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News: Jessie J Is ’100% Gay!’

It’s been reported Jessie J is a lesbian who was forced to hide her sexuality to make her more ‘trendy’, a new book has claimed.

The unauthorised biography, written by Chloe Govan, adds that the pop star, who first realised she was gay at the age of 17, eventually went along with the plan but was ‘incensed’ by the decision.
Jessie went along with the charade because she was scared of losing her record contract with Universal.

Govan said: ‘Jessie might have been with boys in the past – but she is 100 per cent gay. Jessie was openly lesbian and didn’t hide it.

‘She was advised not to come out, though. Certain people thought being bi was trendy, exotic and a fashion statement. It would increase her allure.’

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New Video: Jessie J ‘Laserlight’ ft. David Guetta

Check out the music video for Jessie J’s latest single “LaserLight”

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News: Jessie J & Tinie Tempah Dating?

Singer Jessie J and rapper Tinie Tempah have reportedly been having secret dates together.

A friend of the Do It Like A Dude told The Sun: ‘Jessie started going over to see Tinie at his place when they had a day off and one thing led to another.They both like each other a lot.’
A source told the newspaper: ‘Jessie has admitted to a few friends she has a secret boyfriend at the moment, but she has been keeping it close to her chest.’

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New Music: Jessie J Covers Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’

Check out Jessie J’s version of Rihanna’s hit record ‘We Found Love’

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News: Jessie J Wins Big At MOBO Awards 2011!

Jessie J won big at the MOBO awards 2011 including the prize for best UK Act, Best Song, Best Newcomer & Best Album!

See the full winners list below

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Video: Jessie J On Suffering Arthritis & Premieres New Video ‘Who Are You!’

Jessie J talks suffering from Arthritis, having hairy feet, falling in the bath and premiering her new video ‘Who Are You’.

“I will always suffer from arthritis in my ankle. It really hurts,” she told The Mirror.

“It will be something I have to live with forever. So I will never make that full recovery. I won’t be able to wear heels again. But I’ll have some bad-boy Sketchers blinged up for me.

“At least I’m alive, and I can sing. I can’t wait to get back on stage. My foot was seriously hairy. It had thick black hairs on it. It was gross. So I’ve sorted myself out and got a pedicure. I’ve lost so much weight. My left leg has lost all its muscle. I don’t like it. Things got so bad my mum had to move in with me.

“I fell out of the bath, I couldn’t stand, cook, get up by myself. At first they gave me loads of painkillers at the hospital, but I didn’t take them after that. I didn’t want to become addicted. What sort of role model would I be if I became addicted?”


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News: Jessie J Leads MOBO Nominations!

Jessie J got the most MOBO nominations with five nods including Best Newcomer and Best Video (Do It Like A Dude), when the nominations were announced last night.

See the full MOBO 2011 nomination list under the cut

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News: Jessie J Admits She’s Obsessed With Cleaning!

Jessie J has admitted she is a clean freak and cleaning relaxes her!

“I’m obsessed with cleaning, I clean most nights,” she told Top of the Pops: “I get quite obsessive about it to be honest. I love cleaning, weird but true. It really relaxes me.”

Jessie also admits she’s not scared to talk to her band members about anything, even farts and poo!

“My band has got used to me talking about farts and poos,” she explained. “It annoys me when people are all girly about it. Everybody does it!

“I’ll do interviews and say I need a poo, I’ll go on stage and say my boob-tape is falling off, rather than US stars where it’s all perfect. I don’t want any boundaries.”

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Q&A: Asian Producer Hannah Vasanth Working With Jessie J & Rihanna!

Asian keyboard maestro Hannah Vasanth is one of the UK’s leading session players currently working with Jessie J and recently for Rihanna.

Hannah has previously also toured and played for Anastacia, Sugababes, Jay Sean, Daniel Merriweather & Taio Cruz.

Brit-Asian talks exclusively to Hannah on her career so far…

Tell us about your colourful background?

My parents are both South Indian. I was born and raised in Berlin, lived in India for a few years, then came back to Berlin were I went to an American school. I moved to London 14 years ago to study at the Royal Academy of Music –and here we are now!  Goes without saying that my accent is a bit messed up!

Your early music memories…

My dad always blasted Tamil Christian songs and Bollywood music –  not cool at 7 in the morning on a Saturday!!  But the church I was raised in was very musical – lots of opera singers and professional musicians – and I was always performing in some way or other – jumping in last minute to sing in the choir, play piano, etc.

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Video: Jessie J Covers Whitney Houston!

Video: Jessie J Covers Whitney Houston!

Jessie J covered the Whitney Houston classic ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’. Check out the video here…

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