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News: Bipasha: I Don’t Miss John!

News: Bipasha: I Don't Miss John!

Bipasha Basu has said she doesn’t miss ex-boyfriend John Abraham after they split after 8 years together!

“Nobody plans a break up or any negative thing in your life, when it happens you deal with it, life is such that it teaches you, it heals you and you move on. I don’t miss John,” Bipasha said.

Do you believe Bipasha doesn’t miss John?!

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News: John Abraham & Deepika Grow Close After Break-Ups!

John Abraham & Deepika Padukone have reportedly grown much closer over their respective relationship break-ups.

The two spent time together on the set of Desiboyz discussing Abraham’s recent split with long-term girlfriend Bipasha Basu according to The Times of India.

A source told the paper: “John and Deepika have become really good friends. They are close to the extent that he even talked about his break up and the low phase in his life with her.

“Even though the London schedule is over, they are still in touch and are looking forward to working together again. Deepika not only lent him an ear, but also understood his situation and his need to keep it private.”

Would you like to see John & Deepika together?

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New Movie: First Look At John Abraham In ‘Force’

Check out the first look at the new movie ‘Force’ starring John Abraham and Genelia D’Souza (‘Life Partner’, Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na’), in this most awaited action romance film of the year!

Force is slated for a Autumn release date

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News: Bipasha ‘Split With John A Year Ago’

News: Bipasha 'Split With John A Year Ago'

Bipasha Basu is fed up with reports saying she’s heartbroken on her split with long time boyfriend John Abraham.

Bips went on to say there’s no point in talking about a break-up that happened “almost a year ago”.

“Waking up to stories about my life everyday is no fun! Making me sound tragic when I am in a happy place is not ok with me!” Bipasha posted on her Twitter page.

My relationship with John Abraham is over fr good, fr reasons knwn best to d both of us,” Bipasha added.

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News: Salman Khan Came Between John & Bipasha!?

News: Salman Khan Came Between John & Bipasha!?

It’s been reported that the break up between Bipasha Basu & John Abraham may of been because of Bipasha’s desire to work with John’s long time rival Salman Khan!

“He was hurt that she was trying hard to get a film with Salman.” A source said.

“Despite public declaration from John and Salman that they are no longer enemies, the fact remains that they still despise each other. When he confronted Bips, she denied it and that got him more upset.”

Bipasha & John dated for 10 years and officially announced their split last week.

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News: Bipasha & John To Finally End 10-Year Relationship?

The rumour mill in India is going crazy reporting Bipasha Basu has finished her ten-year relationship with John Abraham after the actor turned down her pleas for marriage.

Noticeably the couple have stopped making public appearances with each other in recent times.

A source said “[Abraham] is my closest friend and we get along very well. His mind has always been full of Bipasha and it used to be so every time we met. He has just stopped talking about her completely.”

Bipasha refused to confirm the split today on twitter:

“I Cant b answerable 2 media nymore abt my personal life becoz no matter hw open u r ,there is no respect evr.

We will keep an eye on this story and await full confirmation guys and girls!

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