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News: UK Riot Stats Reveal 7% Asians Involved, 42% White & 46% Black!

The stats are out on the people charged over the August riots in England!

The findings reveal 42% of those charged were white, 46% black, 7% Asian and 5% were classified as “other”.

The Met Police admitted in a separate report it did not have enough officers available on the first night of riots.

Some 90% of those brought before the courts were male and about half were aged under 21. Only 5% were over the age of 40.

Even in London where the figure was highest, fewer than one in five of those arrested were gang members.

Some 35% of adults were claiming out-of-work benefits, which compares to a national average of 12%.

Of the young people involved, 42% were in receipt of free school meals compared to an average of 16%.



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Video: UK Riot Looters Dragons Den Pitch!

Video: UK Riot Looters Dragons Den Pitch!


Check out this special episode of Dragons Den which features ‘Looters Anonymous’, three members of a gang from London who ‘acquired’ goods during the UK riots!


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News: Russell Brand Praises Father Of Killed Asians In Birmingham!

Russell Brand released a statement on his take of the London & UK Riots, in his statement he praised the father of one of the killed Asians in Birmingham, Tariq Jahan.

“Tariq Jahan has spoken so eloquently from his position of painful proximity, with such compassion, that nearly all else is redundant.” Russell said.

Read Russell Brand’s full statement under the cut…

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News: Asian Business Man Left With 25p After London Riots!

Shiva Kandiah, 39, saw his livelihood wrecked when rioters torched his grocery story in Hackney, London, but has vowed to carry on and start again.

Looters broke into the shop, stole more than £10,000 worth of goods and then set it on fire.

The married father-of-two had initially felt he would never be able to re-open, saying: ‘Everything has gone … there’s nothing left.’

he says: ‘All I have left is 25p. That’s it. All the money was in the till and I had just spent £6,500 on cigarettes and wine and that has all gone.

‘I had no insurance so will never see that money, but I have realised that I can start again because most people are so kind and supportive.’

He told London’s Evening Standard: ‘The people of Hackney have been coming to the store and saying they will help clean it up and rebuild it.

‘They were always good to me and very chatty, but today I feel like they are my family.’

‘Today, I got up at 4.30am and got ready to go to the shop and for the first time in years I could have gone back to sleep as the shop is no more.

‘But I still went to the store and met the newspaper delivery man and chatted to him. He accepted that I had to cancel the papers.

‘I did not think I would ever feel like re-opening the shop, but I have to do it for the good people of Hackney. They are my friends and that means people of every colour and religion and that is the great thing about an area like Hackney.

‘It will take some time as I don’t have the money to order new stock, but I will re-open. I promise my friends that.’

Daily Mail

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News: Three Asian Men Killed In Hit & Run After Protecting Mosque In Birmingham!

Three men died earlier today after being hit by a car during riots in the central English city of Birmingham, officials said, amid reports that they died while trying to protect their community from looters.

Police said they had arrested a man and launched a murder inquiry after the incident which happened at around 1:00 am (0000 GMT) as Britain’s second biggest city suffered from another night of riots.

The BBC reported that the men who died had just come out of a mosque and were protecting their neighbourhood during the riots.

Around 200 people from Birmingham’s Asian community gathered outside the hospital where the victims were taken and that riot police were also stationed here, the BBC reported.

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News: Sonam Kapoor Prays For Peace In London!

Sonam Kapoor has been one of the first Bollywood stars to express concern over the London riots!

‘Trying to understand what people get out of hurting people and why hate is such a strong emotion and how it can sometimes overrule love. We pray for the protection of lives and properties in London. Love and Peace. Let it Prevail.’ Sonam tweeted.

Where are the rest of the stars?

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News: Bobby Friction Proud No Asians Involved In London Riots!

BBC Asian Network DJ, Bobby Friction has pointed out with over 10 years of Asian/Muslim men being ‘demonised’ by the media, that no Asian men vented any anger out in being involved in the London & UK riots.

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Flicks: London Riot Looters Steal Basmati Rice!

The riots in London over the past three days have seen youths looting many shops, some looters have even been pictured stealing Basmati rice!

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Video: Shocking Ealing Riots Caught On Film!

Video: Shocking Ealing Riots Caught On Film!

West London’s, Ealing broadway was heavily rioted last night, see some shocking video footage here…

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News: UK Urban Music Stars Go Into Hiding Over Riots!

Isn’t it funny that none of the UK urban stars have helped or come onto TV condemning the riots in London? We see lots always retweeting on twitter about promotion of their music but hardly any messages telling the youths who listen or buy their records to stop the criminality.

Only Jay Sean has spoken out bluntly about the situation telling his fans not be involved in the riots and to stay safe.

Jay Sean tweeted:

If this was USA, i’m sure the likes of Diddy, Jay-Z, Kanye West would all of spoken out on the violence.

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