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Picture This: Preeya Kalidas’s Sexy Halloween Catsuit!

Check out Preeya Kalidas’s sexy Halloween catsuit she donned at a Halloween celebrity party in Mayfair last night!

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Picture This: Preeya Kalidas Parties With Adele!

Preeya Kalidas was out partying with none other than Adele last night in London!

“Popped into a bday bash and was Introduced to one of my fav artists THE voice Adele” Preeya tweeted.

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Q&A: Preeya Kalidas Talks Eastenders, ‘Shimmy’ & New Album!

Brit-Asian caught up with the one and only Preeya Kalidas to talk about the big Eastenders Christmas storyline, the problems with her last single ‘Shimmy’ and what to look forward to from Ms P in 2012!

Tell us about getting back into Eastenders and 3 words to describe the Masood’s Christmas storyline? 

Working on the show is a lot of fun and I love playing Amira who has come back to stir things up in Albert Square. The Masood’s Christmas storyline will be dramatic, explosive & unexpected!

Tell us a day in life of Preeya when recording Eastenders?

Early morning drive to Elstree, I cant function without breakfast so that is a must, then costume and makeup which always ends up in full banter with other members of cast. Before we go on set we try to run our lines with each other as that is the only time we get a chance and then its full steam ahead with filming!

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News: Preeya Kalidas’ Character ‘Amira’ To Die In Eastenders Fire?

The rumour mill has been working overtime over the latest storyline in Eastenders which sees the Masood family caught up in a massive fire in the square.

The fire is started deliberately and causes a massive explosion, leading to the climax of the Masood and Yusef Khan (Ace Bhatti) storyline.

There has been further rumours that Preeya Kalidas’s character, Amira, will be killed off in the fire!

While filming the fire, Preeya tweeted that the explosion on the Elstree set felt like an “earthquake”.

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News: Preeya Kalidas Says ‘Yusef Shouldn’t Mess With Amira!’

Eastenders star Preeya Kalidas has warned that Walford schemer Yusef Khan should be wary of playing his games with her character Amira Masood.

Yusef (Ace Bhatti) sets out to destroy Amira’s credibility next week, manipulating Christian Clarke into thinking that she is lying about baby Yasmin being Syed’s daughter.

Christian (John Partridge) is convinced by Yusef’s spiteful suggestions and later approaches him for a DNA test to uncover the truth, keen to ensure that his fiancé isn’t being strung along.

“Amira would be devastated if she found out what Yusef was doing behind her back, because it’s another barrier to her being with Syed,” Kalidas told Inside Soap.

“Her reputation is already in tatters and she’s an outcast in her community. And now Yusef is suggesting she was unfaithful. Everything’s going wrong for her again.”

However, she continued: “I’m sure Yusef thinks he’s being really clever, but he doesn’t know who he’s messing with. Amira might just start some scheming of her own.

“She may have had a really tough time recently, but she’s also a fighter and she’s pretty defiant. When she really wants something, she’ll go for it!”

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News: 8 Million Tune In For Preeya Kalidas’ Eastenders Return!

EastEnders stayed above 8m viewers on Tuesday evening, the latest audience data has revealed.

The BBC One soap was seen by 8.28m from 7.30pm, as Amira went against Yusef’s wishes by coming back to the Square. The repeat screening fetched 929k on BBC Three from 10pm.

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Flicks: Preeya Kalidas & Eastenders’ Attend Nina Wadia’s Film Premiere!

The cast of Eastenders came out to support Nina Wadia [who plays Zainab Masood] last night her new movie Four which had its premiere at the Empire cinema in London’s Leicester Square.

The actress’s screen family members Marc Elliott (Syed), Nitin Ganatra (Masood), Himesh Patel (Tamwar), Meryl Fernandes (Afia) and Preeya Kalidas (Amira) were among those present to see the film yesterday evening.

Other EastEnders stars in attendance included Ace Bhatti (Yusef), Cheryl Fergison (Heather), Matt Lapinskas (Anthony), Ricky Norwood (Fatboy), Tanya Franks (Rainie), Neil McDermott (Ryan) and Charlie G Hawkins (Darren).

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News: Preeya Kalidas’ On Returning To Eastenders!

Preeya Kalidas who plays Amira Shah returns to Eastenders next week as she walks in to the engagement party of her estranged husband Syed and his lover Christian.

Preeya said on her comeback, “Her [Amira] motives are that she knows that Syed has been in touch, and I think for her coming back to face the man who broke her heart, who I think she still loves. No matter how much pain she felt from the situation, I think deep down she still loves him. And, I don’t think she doesn’t want her daughter not to know her father, that’s really important for her. A little part of her thinks that her and Syed may end up back together – just a little glimmer of hope.

I’m very happy to be back, it’s been very busy, and I’ve had a lot going on, so I’m looking forward to everyone seeing what happens.”

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New Video: Preeya Kalidas – It’s A Problem

Check out Preeya Kalidas’s new record featuring rapper Scorcher in ‘It’s a Problem’.

Preeya is currently busy recording more music as well as filming for ‘Eastenders’, where she is set to return as ‘Amira Masood’ next month.

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New Video: Preeya Kalidas & Angel ‘Ride Out’

Check out this hot new record by Angel in ‘Ride Out’ which features the likes of Preeya Kalidas in the video!

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