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News: Salman Khan Is First Guest On SRK’s New Chat Show!

Shah Rukh Khan’s rival, Salman Khan, is set to be the first guest on ‘Up, Close and Personal With PZ’, a SRK production hosted by Bollywood’s Preity Zinta.

On the show, Preity shares that she had the biggest crush on Salman, and that she was so upbeat about watching Salman’s blockbuster “Dabangg” that she went in a burqa to watch it!

The first episode of the show, featuring Salman, will go on air on UTV Stars Sep 3.

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News: Shah Rukh Wishes Salman Khan ‘Speedy Recovery’ After Injury!

Shah Rukh Khan has wished his long time rival Salman Khan a ‘speedy recovery’ after Salman needed emergency surgery on his jaw.

When anyone is unwell, we all feel unhappy. We all feel bad. I always pray that they get well very fast. It’s a tougher time for the family than the patient.

“So I wish Salman a speedy recovery and I wish him all the best. He should come back soon.”

The actor compared his history of on-set injuries to Salman Khan’s recurring nerve disorder that has been causing the star continuing pain.

“I’ve been injured three times. I know how it feels. It’s not nice when you lead an active life inactively. Never in my life, would I want that anyone gets hurt or stay unwell.”

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Q&A: Salman Khan Talks New Movie ‘Bodyguard’

Following the huge commercial success of Dabangg and Ready, Salman Khan is back with a bang with his forthcoming Eid release Bodyguard. 

Salman spoke to Brit-Asian’s Bollywood writer Supriya Davda about his latest venture…

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Q&A: Kareena Kapoor Talks New Movie ‘Bodyguard’

Bodyguard is a romantic action film starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Directed by Siddique, the film is a remake of the director’s 2010 Malayalam film of the same name.

 The story revolves around Lovely Singh (Salman Khan), a bodyguard who aspires to work for a business tycoon. He gets lucky by bagging the job of the tycoon’s only daughter Divya (Kareena Kapoor). An irked Diviya makes life miserable for Lovely who takes his job too seriously.

Brit-Asian’s Bollywood writer Supriya Davda recently caught up with Kareena Kapoor whilst she was in London celebrating her boyfriend’s [Saif Ali Khan] birthday…

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News: Salman Khan Gives Dating Tips!

Salman Khan has dated some of the hottest ladies in Bollywood from Aishwarya Rai to Katrina Kaif and says there is no need to try impress the ladies when out on a date!

“You don’t have to impress a woman. If you try to impress a woman you are being the man you are not.”

“It is bound to turn around and whack you in the face. Be yourself. Don’t do things that you will not be able to do in your relationship after a point of time.”

“A woman would want her man to be charming, lovable, and sweet. She would want flowers, chocolates and candlelit dinners. In reality they love to have all of the above,” he claimed.



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News: Salman Khan Gives 100,000 Bricks To Sikh Temple!

Salman Khan has donated 100,000 bricks to help build a new wing of a Sikh temple!

Salman donated the bricks while filming in Patiala for his upcoming release Bodyguard.

Bodyguard producer Atul Aghnihotri said “Around the commando training school where we shot, people have strong faith in the gurdwara. So all of us, including Salman, visited the holy spot on the first day, and went back to seek blessings on the last day.”

The authorities at the temple planned to construct community rooms for worshippers.

“All of us, including Salman, decided to donate 100,000 bricks, to construct the rooms,” added Aghnihotri.

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News: Aamir Khan, Salman Khan & Ajay Devgan Top Box Office Actors!

News: Aamir Khan, Salman Khan & Ajay Devgan Top Box Office Actors!

Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan are the only Bollywood actors whose films have grossed 100 crores (around £14m) at the box office.

Domestically Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots is the highest grossing Bollywood film of all time. Salman Khan’s Dabangg and Ready follow in second and third place.

Devgan is next with Golmaal 3, while his recent release continues to draw record-breaking audiences.

Speaking of his films’ successes, Devgan said: “It feels great to have two films on the list of the biggest earners in Hindi cinema… that too through Golmaal 3 and Singham! It’s unreal – much more than what we had hoped for. The flip side is that with great success comes a lot of pressure about your next film.

“Also, the success quotient changes every Friday. Today, it is my day; tomorrow it will be somebody else’s. After 20 years of success and failure, it doesn’t change or excite me much. Now I just try and make the audience happy. I am sure Salman and Aamir feel the same way.”

Aamir, whose hit film 3 Idiots broke all opening day records, commented: “While I am very happy with the monetary success of both films, I have to confess that merely monetary success does not excite me.

“I think that films like Taare Zameen Par, Lagaan, Rang De Basanti and Dhobi Ghat enrich our emotions and have the ability to create a very positive, inspirational, happy and moving impact on us. What excites me is to be part of this life-changing experience for people and society. I thank my directors and writers for that.”

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Video: Ash King’s New Song For Salman & Kareena Starrer ‘Bodyguard’

British Asian singer Ash King’s latest track “I Love You” has now been released in full and is taken from the soundtrack from Salman Khan’s latest movie ‘Bodyguard’ which also stars Kareena Kapoor.

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New Movie: Salman & Kareena In ‘Bodyguard’ Trailer

Check out the trailer to Salman Khan & Kareena Kapoor’s Eid release, Bodyguard.

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News: Katrina Kaif To Feature In Salman Khan’s ‘Bodyguard’

News: Katrina Kaif To Feature In Salman Khan's 'Bodyguard'

Katrina Kaif is set to be an item girl in Salman Khan & Kareena Kapoor’s new movie Bodyguard!

Katrina Kaif will do the item song ‘Aaya re aaya bodyguard’ alongside Salman.

“Salman likes to do his own thing in the dance numbers. Everyone knows in ‘Munni badnam’ he didn’t follow Farah Khan’s instructions. Katrina will be rigorously rehearsing her steps for ‘Aaya re aaya bodyguard’. She wants it to be as perfect as ‘Sheila ki jawaani’.

“Salman’s improvisations are bound to distract her. But there is not much she can do about it.Because as Salman pointed out the song is about about him, so he has to be part of it,” said a source.

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