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News: Bipasha Furious Over ‘Child Labour’ Tweet!

Earlier in the week Bipasha Basu tweeted this picture showing two young girls tying her shoe laces! Since then the image has been causing a storm accusing her of employing child labour.

Bips orginally tweeted the image with the words:

I need to learn to tie shoe laces ASAP! Embarassed that I can’t! No patience.. grrrrr! Promise I am not spoilt! Will learn soon.”

As a furore over employing child labour. Bipasha replied:

“Well the ppl helping me in the pix r my friend n sister, who I help often with the same! So am sorry if it hurt anyones sentiments! Abt d pix, D pair of boots were a diff pair so my sis and my friend were helping me n I thought it looked damn funny n took d pix as a joke!”

Bipasha later deleted the picture from Twitter and said:

“A pix put 4 fun gt picked up by ppl as ‘child labour’ is absolutely unbelievable. Jst so tht al get it right: neither of the 2 r children! Also ‘child labour’ is a serious issue tht can’t b used in such a light connotation. I wish tht d ones who created such a furore n reacted imm’ly, actually do something worthy against child labour.”

Bips added, “I m nt embarrassed abt d pix At al,as it ws funny 2 me n still is! But I am shocked tht a small thing like this can turn into a furore hitting out on my character and being, Totally Unacceptable!”

What’s your thoughts on Bipasha’s actions?

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Audio: Bobby Friction Grills Wiley Over Racist Tweets & Jay Sean Beef!

Audio: Bobby Friction Grills Wiley Over Racist Tweets & Jay Sean Beef!

Bobby Friction got the chance to grill grime artist Wiley this evening regarding those racist tweets to Asians as well as the beef with Jay Sean.

Wiley turned up for the interview as promised and seemed to backtrack and play down the racism to Asians as ‘Ethnic Banter’, yes even that tweet about ‘Knocking off a Sikh’s ‘Turban’.

During the interview Wiley seemed very nervous as he kept referring to Bobby Friction as “BOB” in an effort buy some time during the heated interview. In the end Wiley wanted the interview to end as he prepares his ‘next’ interview with Bob!

Hear the full interview below

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News: Wiley Attacks Jay Sean Again With Racist Tweets!

Wiley kept up with the disses to Jay Sean, Jay Sean’s twitter fans and Asian’s in general with some racist tweets!

Wiley upped the ante on Friday night going at Jay Sean for over 2-3 hours on twitter and today [Sunday 6th] Wiley kept the jabs going at Jay Sean plus additional tweets of racism to the Asian community.

To one Sikh twitter follower, Wiley threatened to slap his turban off, with the tweet to the particular follower – ‘I can slap a turbin off’

Wiley also took on the stereotype of Asian’s owning corner by threatening to ‘Smash Up All The Corner Shops’.

See some more tweets from Wiley on Sunday under the cut

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News: Wiley Attacks Jay Sean On Twitter!

Friday evening saw a massive Twitter fight between Wiley & Jay Sean erupt as a disagreement over a music feature or favour set off grime artist, Wiley.

Wiley questioned and attacked Jay Sean over his integrity to artists in UK and specifically Asian artists in the UK. Wiley also hinted the likes of Rishi Rich and Juggy D all missed out on Jay’s US success.

Wiley even threatened Jay Sean to sort their ‘beef’ when they next meet at an awards ceremony!

Wiley went on to diss Jay Sean for over two hours on twitter, tweeting:

‘Plan B p*sses on Jay Sean’,

‘Which Asian artist has Jay Sean brought thru tell me please’

‘f*ck you Jay Sean ur rubbish seriously i don’t care who Ur signed to your rubbish’,

“I dont care how many Asian fans defend him Jay Sean ur a dickhead you ain’t done shit for the uk ever Juggy is a don for u”

‘I’m really not scared of the Jay Sean fans honestly don’t make me laugh your all gassed up to your eyelids’

‘[Jay Sean] cracked America with shit music, get it right’

‘I’m stopping now but tell that coward talk when I ain’t on line cos i will see him at awards and sort it there unless he don’t turn up.’

‘Jay watch when see eachother it’s gonna be you hiding behind security lol’

Read Jay Sean and Rishi Rich’s replies under the cut…

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