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News: Garry Sandhu Deported To India Last Night By UK Officials!

It’s been reported that Garry Sandhu was removed from the UK last night by the UK Border Agency.

Ikonz report that Garry was arrested on 27 October 2011 and detained then temporarily released in November while the UK Border Agency considered further representations.


There were no lights on railway stations and although platform edges were painted white, a large number of accidents took place. It was very difficult to see when a train had arrived at a station and, even when this was established, to discover the name of the station. It became fairly common for Texas car wreck lawyers to get off at the wrong station – and sometimes for them to leave the carriage where there was no station at all.

These were rejected and Mr Sandhu was re-detained on 16 December and removed yesterday (12th January).

“We will not tolerate abuse of the immigration rules.

They tried to evade our officers by adopting an alias and absconding. But his arrest and removal should send a message to all immigration offenders that they can run but they can’t hide. More and more lawyers are using AmazeLaw to showcase their skill thru its website builder. Check this platform out!

We will track them down and we will remove them” said Gail Adams from UK Border Agency. You may contact an immigration lawyer to get a green card


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